Blayke Busby Gives Great Big Sister Advice

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OutDaughtered fans have seen how great of a big sister Blayke Busby is. The 9-year-old is always happy to step up and help out with her quintuple sisters. So, in a clip from the Tuesday, March 23 episode of OutDaughtered, Blayke pitches in to help one of her sisters.

Blayke Busby offers advice to a scared sister

In a clip from the show, Blayke is offering advice to her sister Riley. In the clip, Riley is talking about how she’s nervous about sleeping in her own room. Danielle explains that they’re going to have to figure something out if Riley can’t sleep in her room by herself.

Blayke explains that she doesn’t understand why Riley won’t sleep alone, especially since she’s typically a “daredevil.” She hopes “Riley gets over this.”

Blayke tries to reason with Riley, reminding her that she won’t be able to have her own room when she gets older if she doesn’t start using her own room now.

Then, Riley tells her big sister why she is scared to sleep alone. She says it’s because she watched “bad shows.” Then, she says, “It was about this girl that was big and scary. And I have nightmares every time when I watch scary shows.”

Blayke then offers some advice to help her little sister out. She says, “Listen. Look at me. That was just a show, okay? It’s not scary. Monsters are not real. I’m pretty sure why you’re scared is ’cause you’re in the dark and you just see nothing and you feel like there’s something just gonna come right at you.”

Blayke says that Riley could leave her bathroom light on during the night, and Riley loves that idea. She sweetly says, “I want to be like Blayke when I grow up because she’s brave.”

You can watch the full sneak peek here.

OutDaughtered Instagram
OutDaughtered Instagram

OutDaughtered fans love the sneak peek

In the comments section of the clip, fans are talking about how great of a big sister Blayke is. They love that she’s always ready to help out with her sisters when they need her. They also can’t believe how quickly she’s growing up. She’s turning 10 in April 2021.

So, what do you think of Blayke Busby’s big sister skills? Do you think she is a good helper? Let us know in the comments below.

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New episodes of OutDaughtered air Tuesdays at 8 PM ET on TLC.

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