TLC Promises New ‘Counting On’ Episode – When Does It Air?

Duggar family Instagram (new counting on episode?)

For months, fans have been wondering when new Counting On episodes will air on TLC. Season 11 wrapped up in September 2020, but there hasn’t been a confirmation of the show’s return or cancellation. This has worried Duggar fans, as they hope their favorite show won’t be coming to an end. Despite fans’ questions, the network and the family have yet to say anything.

Recently, as TV Shows Ace reported, Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey hired a professional videographer to film their wedding. This made fans wonder if the wedding would be featured on the show. After all, weddings, births, and other big events seem to draw in the Duggar family’s audience. So it isn’t clear why a big event would potentially be excluded from the show.

New Counting On episode added to TLC’s schedule

Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball noticed on Thursday that Counting On has been added to the TLC lineup. This comes after much speculation about the future of the family’s show. On TLC’s scheduleCounting On is listed as one of the shows airing on March 30. It’s airing at 10 pm and even has a “NEW” icon beside the show’s title. It’s supposedly Episode 2, but a season number is not listed. The episode is titled “A New Life.”

The description reads, “The Duggars celebrate Easter with several activities, including a bible study and fun crafts. Kendra goes into labor and gives birth to her second daughter. Later, the family gets together for an Easter brunch and meets their 20th grandchild.”

Katie explains the lack of clarity, writing, “I don’t know if this is a special or a new episode. But it’s weird because Kendra just had her baby in February 2021 – Brooklyn is their 20th grandchild. the show says they are celebrating Easter – which hasn’t happened yet – oh the fakery of Reality TV.”

It’s unclear if this is part of Season 12

The Counting On page on TLC only lists up through Season 11. There hasn’t been a sign of Season 12 anywhere until this episode was added to the schedule. It doesn’t seem likely that this is a birth special or a special episode in general because those episodes have higher episode numbers. For example, Jinger Vuolo’s birth special is listed as Episode 105.  A look back at the family’s births is Episode 104, while a wedding montage is Episode 103. So, this episode would be Episode 106 or something similar if it was a one-time special.

So, are you looking forward to the new episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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