This Photo May Be A Sign That Jinger Duggar Or Jeremy Vuolo Had Covid

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Since the coronavirus began, the Duggar family has been under fire for seemingly ignoring the social distancing guidelines that have been put in place. They have still been gathering with each other and going out without masks. Fans have been concerned about the family members, especially since some of the young children have been a part of these get-togethers. Fans would hate to see the little ones get sick. While some of the Duggar family members have come out and said that they got Covid, there’s a new sign that Jinger Duggar or Jeremy Vuolo could’ve had it too.

So, what photo seems to be causing the speculation that Jinger or Jeremy could’ve had the virus?

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have an oxygen tank?

On social media, Jeremy shared a new photo of himself and his wife. It’s unclear where they are. The background of the photo looks odd, Counting On viewers think. There’s an old TV in the corner. Eagle-eyed fans also spotted an oxygen tank in the background, which is why some are thinking that the couple might’ve had Covid at one point.

In the photo, both Jinger and Jeremy are looking at Jeremy’s phone. They are wearing black outfits and baseball hats. Jeremy didn’t write anything when he posted the photo, but he did tag Jinger in the picture.

On her own Instagram page, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball started a conversation about what could be happening in the photo. She points out that someone could be using oxygen at the Vuolos’ home. If they aren’t at their home, they might be at their church. It’s unclear where they are though.

In the comments section of her post, her followers are wondering if the baby is okay. For months, fans and critics have expressed concern over Jinger and Jeremy’s second daughter, Evangeline, as they haven’t shared many photos of her since she was born. One Instagram user thinks that Evangeline had an oxygen monitor on her foot in one of the few photos shared of her.

Over on Reddit, a Duggar Snark commented, “Maybe they did have COVID, maybe they Are in some kind of medical office maybe they are living in a cheap hotel? Such weird posts.”

So, do you think that Jinger Duggar or Jeremy Vuolo could’ve had Covid? Or do you think the oxygen tank is for someone else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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