Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Enjoy Date Night Amid Rumored Marriage Troubles

Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo may not be having the easiest time in their marriage, especially as they adjust to being parents to two young kids. The couple’s second daughter, Evangeline Jo, joined the family recently. In a new video clip from TLC, Jeremy talks about the adjustments the couple is having to make now. He said, “Having a newborn in the house has been an adjustment but I think we’re adjusting well.”

A source also spoke with The Sun in January and revealed that the couple is struggling. The source said:

 “Jinger is especially exhausted, and Jeremy took time off work to help care for the children, but they are looking at hiring a nanny to give them some respite. Things have been difficult and they’re feeling the strain, but they’re doing everything they can to keep their family together, and also spend time focusing on each other. Jinger and Jeremy have started dressing up and cooking at home for a special date night after the girls go to bed, it’s become a cute day for them to reconnect every few weeks.”

The Duggar family has yet to speak out and say whether the relationship is okay or not. Fans and critics are definitely keeping an eye on the couple though.

Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo document date night

Amid the coronavirus pandemic and the rumored marriage troubles, the couple is still making time for each other. On social media, Jeremy shared a new photo of himself and his wife out on a date. One fan jokes, asking if the couple is “going steady” now.

In the picture, the couple is outdoors. Jinger is wearing a pink, blue, and white striped sweater over a gray turtleneck. She’s also wearing a gray hat and has her hair pulled back. Jeremy is wearing a navy jacket. In the photo, Jeremy is wearing a face mask, but Jinger is not. They don’t share many details about their date night.

In addition to sharing this snap, Jeremy posted a few mysterious pictures from their date.

Jeremy Vuolo Instagram
Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

In the comments section, there’s a mixed reaction from fans. Some are calling the couple out for going out amid the pandemic. Others are begging to see pictures of the couple’s kids, especially since it’s been months since the couple has posted anything about their kids. Of course, plenty of fans are happy that the couple got to enjoy some one-on-one time together. They think that the couple is looking good, especially as they get used to having two little ones. Not to mention, they are living far away from the rest of the Duggar family.

So, what do you think of Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo’s date night photo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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