Most Of The ‘Sister Wives’ Moms Fawn Over Wedding Venue

Sister Wives Mariah and Audrey's Wedding

With all the tension going on in recent episodes of Sister Wives, it’s nice to see most of them together for a single cause. So this is a testament to the fact that Kody Brown’s wives put their children first, regardless of who the biological mother is. Keep reading to find out which Sister Wives moms fawn over wedding details for Mariah and Audrey’s upcoming nuptials.

Sister Wives moms are excited about Mariah and Audrey’s wedding

Mariah is the only child of Meri and Kody Brown. In a recent season of Sister Wives, she came out as gay. And recently Sister Wives fans get to know Mariah and Aubrey through their appearances on the show. Excitingly, planning the wedding is a family affair.

For starters, Mariah’s mom, Meri Brown takes to Twitter to share her excitement about the upcoming wedding. In a recent episode of Sister Wives, Mariah and Audrey take some time to visit wedding venues. According to Meri’s tweet, they end up at Wadley Farms. Meri shares, “I took a photo and sent it to Mariah and Audrey, it was fun they chose that as one to look at that weekend!”

Meri isn’t the only one that’s excited

And Meri isn’t the only sister-wife to get excited about this venue. Sister Wives Janelle Brown shares her excitement with fans on her Twitter. Janelle proclaims that “Wadley Farms was gorgeous!” Then, she goes on to dote about the property and current owner. Janelle writes, “It’s actually a property that has been in the family for many generations. The current owner actually has done a lot of the work himself.”

Lastly, Sister Wives Robyn Brown shares her excitement about Mariah and Audrey’s wedding. Out of the venues the Browns visit, it is apparent that Wadley Farms is the clear favorite among the women. Robyn’s tweet seems to be the most animated out of the bunch. She writes, “Can I just admit that Wadley Farms is my absolute favorite?” Consequently, she gives a relatable explanation. “It was so so so BREATHTAKING!” Robyn even shares that what viewers see doesn’t do the venue justice. And while she “took pictures of everything,” given the fact that she isn’t active on Instagram, it is hard to tell if fans will get to see these photos.

Who’s opinion is missing from Twitter?

Interestingly enough, a quick pass over Sister Wives Christine Brown’s Twitter and it doesn’t appear that she mentions Mariah and Audrey’s wedding or seeing any of the venues. Surely, there is some fan speculation about what is going on there. According to the preview below, Christine was present. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Are you excited to see Mariah and Audrey’s wedding? Do you think it will air on Sister Wives? Comment below with your thoughts. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about your favorite TLC stars.

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