Jill Duggar Called Out For Mistreating Rescue Dog

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As TV Shows Ace reports, Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard recently adopted a dog from their local shelter. The dog is the family’s first pet. So, Jill has asked her followers for some advice on training and caring for the dog. While fans seem to appreciate her intentions, others aren’t so sure about the dog’s wellbeing.

The family adopted a Belgian Shepherd and named her Fenna. Since they adopted her, the family has shared a few YouTube videos about her. Duggar fans are happy that the family chose to adopt, but they are taking issue with how the dog appears to be treated.

Jill Duggar faces backlash for how she cares for dog

On social media, Duggar fans are discussing how Jill and Derick are choosing to care for their newest family member. In a recent YouTube video, it looked like Jill and Derick were going to be keeping the dog outside. The family purchased a dog igloo for her. Immediately, fans began commenting on Jill’s post, begging her to let the dog stay in the house.

Outspoken Duggar critic Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball also weighed in on the topic. In a social media post, Katie writes, “They’ve adopted a house trained older puppy, and are forcing the dog to be an outside dog. During the most critical moments of this dog’s time with them, she is focusing on making content – not on taking care of the dog.”

The content creator goes on to explain that there are many dangers for dogs who are kept outside. They may be attacked by other animals or harmed by bad weather conditions.

Katie recommends training the dog, as she dislikes how Jill scolded the dog. She explains that the dog doesn’t understand what Jill is saying, so scolding isn’t the answer.

Some fans are pointing out that she likely would not have been allowed to adopt the dog had the shelter known she was going to be kept outdoors.

In addition, Jill was looking for ways to stop the dog from digging in the backyard. She finds the idea of using cayenne pepper as a deterrent. In a social media post, Katie explains the dangers of cayenne pepper and suggests offering Fenna more toys to keep her occupied and prevent digging.

So, do you think that Jill Duggar is mistreating the new rescue dog? Let us know in the comments.

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