Fans Up In Arms – Is Roger Howarth Leaving ‘GH’?

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General Hospital fans were in for a shock at the conclusion of the episode airing Tuesday, March 9. A much-beloved character died after getting shot in the chest. Is the character dead-dead or soap-dead?

Shocking GH Death

Soap viewers were on the edge of their seats when the dirty deeds of Peter (Wes Ramsey) came to light. His wedding to Maxie (Kirsten Storms) was interrupted by the truth about his lies. In short order, it was revealed that Alex, not Anna (both played by Finola Hughes,) was Peter’s mother. 

Furthermore, Anna confirmed that Peter was responsible for the plane crash that killed Drew (Billy Miller.) 

Franco (Roger Howarth) later kidnaps Peter and threatens him unless he confesses. Many fans thought they were seeing the end of Peter. But the tables turned and Franco was the one on the wrong side of the gun. 

After getting shot in the heart, Franco dies as Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) attempts to revive him.

While soaps are infamous for bringing people back from the dead, a gunshot to the heart is hard to come back from. Is Franco dead for real?

Roger Howarth Reveals Future Plans

Soap fans are flocking to Twitter to express their dismay over Franco’s death. Many would have preferred if Peter died. Actor Wes Ramsey recently came under fire from GH vet Tristan Rogers for being unsuited for the villainous role. 

Fans are also wondering if they’ve seen the last of Franco and his portrayer Roger Howarth. Well, good news soap fans! 

Franco may be dead, but Roger Howarth is still part of the GH cast. He spoke with Soap Opera Digest about Franco’s exit from the canvas. The beloved actor didn’t spill any details about his return to the soap. 

However, he did assure fans that he WILL be back. Might he bring his One Life To Live character, Todd Manning, to Port Charles?

But fans shouldn’t expect to see Roger Howarth back on-screen anytime soon. He told the outlet there will be a break between Franco’s death and his new character’s appearance. 

He will be keeping busy in the meantime. 

Why is He Joining Cameo? 

During his break from the soap, Roger Howarth is taking his act to Cameo. Fans can purchase shout-out videos from a wide range of celebrities on the app. But Roger Howarth isn’t in it for the money. 

Rather, he is donating any money earned from Cameos to the Feeding America charity. The actor is open to any type of video requests except ones that ask him to “denigrate or disrespect myself or anybody else!” 

Stay tuned for more information about Roger Howarth’s new GH character. 

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. 

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