Even Parker Busby Can’t Tell Olivia & Ava Apart

Outdaughtere Ava and Olivia Busby

Fan of TLC’s supersized family show Outdaughtered love the Busby girls. With six little girls running around, and a pair of them being twins, it’s not surprising that a lot of people can’t tell them apart. Fans speculate that even one of the quints can’t tell them apart. Read on to find out if Parker Busby can tell twins, Olivia and Ava apart.

The Busbys give insider information on how to tell the Outdaughtered quints apart

One thing to note is that, luckily, over time it becomes easier to tell the quints apart. However, being identical twins gives an added layer of difficulty regardless of age. When the girls were younger and had less hair, Ava could be spotted by a birthmark on the back of her head.

In 2018, Adam and Danielle post a video on their YouTube about how to tell all the quints apart. In this video, Blayke and her cousin explain how they tell the babies apart. When they get to Olivia, Blayke points out that Olivia wears different earrings from the other quints. But that isn’t the only way to tell Olivia and Ava apart. Everyone agrees that Olivia has a very round face and very curly hair.

When it comes to telling Ava apart, they decide that it’s her “little chiclet teeth.” Also, while Olivia’s hair is in ringlets all over her head, Ava’s hair is longer and doesn’t curl until the bottom.

A refresher on the Quints color codes

Knowing which quint is assigned which color makes it easy to tell the girls apart. Since the Busby quints were babies, they each had a color assigned to them. According to Your Tangothe color assignments are as follows.

  • Ava wears pink.
  • Parker wears yellow.
  • Riley wears purple.
  • Hazel wears green.
  • Olivia wears dark pink.

While the quints are often seen wearing identical outfits, typically their earrings reflect their color assignments.

Ava and Olivia have different personalities.

Also, each of the girls has a very distinct and individual personality. Outdaughtered fans recognize Ava as the sassy one. Danielle Busby shares, “This girl is the sassiest of all the girls and she also is still holding the title for the laziest.”

When it comes to Olivia, her friends and family often label her as the “family comedienne”. It is apparent that this little girl enjoys getting those around her to laugh. While Danielle doesn’t discount how “goofy” the twins are, she explains how their humor is different. “Olivia never stops making others laugh. She is goofy like Ava but in a different way. She wants everyone around her to notice her, but in a way where she makes sure others known how fun and funny she is.”

Can Parker tell the Outdaughtered twins apart?

In a preview for tonight’s episode of Outdaughtered, Adam and Danielle Busby brave teaching all of the quints how to ride a bike at the same time. During all the commotion, Parker exclaims, “Olivia, I’ll show you how to do it!” In response, the quint goes, “I’m not Olivia!” Causing people to wonder, can Parker tell Olivia and Ava apart? Some may argue it is an honest mistake made during all the hustle and bustle of trying to learn how to ride a bike.


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Do you think Parker Busby can tell Olivia and Ava apart? Let us know in the comment section below. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more Outdaughtered news.

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