‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown ‘Grateful’ For Robyn – Is The Feud Over?

Sister Wives Meri Brown leaves Arizona

Fans of Sister Wives know that there has historically been a lot of drama between Meri Brown and Robyn Brown. Some of the speculations come from the fact that Meri is polygamist husband, Kody Brown’s first wife, while Robyn is his fourth. Interestingly enough, Meri was Kody’s only legal wife until they divorced. And they divorced so that Kody could legally marry Robyn and adopt her children. All of that to say, there are more than a few reasons why there would be drama between Sister Wives Meri and Robyn.

Fans speculate on the tension between Sister Wives Meri and Robyn

It probably doesn’t help that Sister Wives fans are constantly referring to Robyn as Kody’s favorite wife. With that perspective, it is easy to claim that “Kody treats Robyn way better than Meri.” However, in January Meri shares a photo of herself with Robyn’s daughter, Ariella Mae. Thus fueling the idea among fans that the feud between Meri and Robyn is over.

While it may be purely coincidental, Meri Brown tweets along to episodes of Sister Wives like Robyn Brown. During a recent episode, Meri shares her thoughts. And they may shock some fans.

Meri shares gratitude towards Robyn

According to Meri’s tweet, it seems like she doesn’t agree with how Kody views her interactions with Robyn. Meri tweets, “Kody say I talk to Robyn about issues like its a bad thing.” With all of the tension between Meri and Robyn, it’s hard to find a reason as to why communication would be a bad thing.

Fans may remember in past seasons of Sister Wives, Meri would kind of just skirt around conversations that involved Robyn. Some perceive that she never really showed a genuine interest in the newest sister wife. So the next part of this tweet may come as a shock to some. “I’m actually quite grateful and blessed to have her in my life, someone who brings perspective, understanding, and love. Grateful that she has my back, as I do hers!”

So it seems like tensions aren’t as high between the first and fourth wife as people speculate. Robyn has even said nice things about Meri on her Twitter recently. Robyn says she bad about asking Meri to ride with them on a recent trip. According to Robyn, if Meri had flown, she could have avoided drama. Robyn also dotes on Meri’s daughter, Mariah on Twitter.

Do you think Sister Wives Meri and Robyn Brown have turned over a new leaf? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about your favorite TLC stars.

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