Twitter Drama! Why Did Maurice Benard Apologize To Nancy Lee Grahn?

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Several General Hospital stars were involved in some off-screen drama over the weekend. Maurice Benard and Ingo Rademacher had a little fun at Nancy Lee Grahn’s expense. Maurice Benard apologized to Grahn before the skirmish got too far out of hand. However, several fans found the apology lacking. 

Maurice Benard, Ingo Rademacher Laugh At General Hospital Co-Star

Sonny (Maurice Benard,) Brenda (Vanessa Marcil,) and Jax (Ingo Rademacher) were one of the hottest love triangles of the ‘90s. General Hospital fans fiercely debated if Sonny or Jax was the right man for Brenda. Despite their on-screen rivalry, Maurice Benard and Ingo Rademacher are close friends. 

They even live-streamed a virtual chat session for their fans. One seemingly innocent moment in the video blew up among GH fans on social media.

In the short clip, Rademacher says he’s “about to go work with my friend” while aiming the camera at a nearby television set. Benard asked for a closer look, “let me see who it is.” Once he realized which of his co-stars Rademacher was referring to, he said, “Oh, I’m sorry, man.” 

In fact, both men were laughing uproariously over the “joke.” The co-star on the television was Nancy Lee Grahn, who plays Alexis on General Hospital. 

Many fans of the actress were outraged by her co-stars making fun of her. Others didn’t understand why anyone was upset over a harmless joke.

Was it a harmless joke? 

Nancy Lee Grahn Previously Blocked Ingo On Twitter

Jax and Alexis were once married on the ABC sudser. They even have a section of fans who ‘ship’ them as a couple. However, it seems the off-screen relationship between Rademacher and Grahn has deteriorated significantly. That’s why some fans were so upset over Benard laughing along with Rademacher’s joke. As their co-worker, he likely knows the history behind their social media feud. 

Nancy Lee Grahn has been extraordinarily outspoken about her political beliefs, as well supporting several causes for social justice. During the coronavirus pandemic, things got heated between Grahn and Rademacher on Twitter. 

Showbiz Cheat Sheet reports that things got so bad between the two that Grahn BLOCKED Rademacher on Twitter. She disagreed with Rademacher referring to the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus.” 

Maurice Benard Apologizes

When the video originally came to Grahn’s attention, she vowed to address it through the “proper channels.” Many fans showed their support for her, saying that both Rademacher and Benard should apologize. 

Credit: Nancy Lee Grahn/Twitter
Nancy Lee Grahn/Twitter


Maurice Benard saw that some of his fans were upset by the video. He quickly issued an apology. He wrote that he “reached out” to Grahn to address the situation. As for his fans, he gave an apology to anyone offended. He reiterates that he was teasing in a “playful way.” 

What do you think about the video clip? Were the two out of line for laughing at their co-star? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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  1. The last thing Markxe Bernard needs to do is apologize to her she is one of the most wicked vile woman I have seen have you read any of her tweets? If you aren’t diehard liberal
    Like she is she respects nothing you have to say.. she blocks you instead she needs to be on The View w those miserable bitches, .not on GH but then what do I know? I’m a Trump supporter that flys the American flag proudly and drives a pick
    Up truck so they have told
    I’m just a white supremicist that needs to be deprogrammed …hmmm

  2. Definitely! Both of the guys should apologize to Nancy. Maurice and Nancy have great chemistry together especially when he jokes with her and he laughs. The scene in bed and Puerto Rico trip are the best. I love the two working together. I only watch General Hospital when the two of them are going to be on the soap. Why couldn’t they be matched up for the girl Sonny last girl? I think the fans would love it!

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