Amy King Reveals Son Daxton Has A New Modeling Gig – Photos

Amy King Instagram

Duggar cousin Amy King is the mom of a toddler named Daxton. Now, Daxton has started a little modeling career. So, Amy was sure to document the little guy in his fashionable clothing. See the photos and read what fans have to say.

Who is Amy King?

Amy is the daughter of Deanna Jordan, who’s the sister of Jim Bob Duggar. So, Amy’s Jim Bob’s niece. Her cousins are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s famous 19 kids from TLC.

Though Amy is technically a part of the Duggar family, she has stated that she isn’t a Duggar. She has repeatedly spoken out against the family.

Now, she is close with her cousin Jill Duggar Dillard, who’s sometimes referred to as the rebel of the family. Though Jill seems to be living a normal life, she’s breaking many of her parents’ rules. She’s got Amy by her side though.

See cute photos of little model Daxton

On social media, Amy has managed to gain a pretty good following. It seems that many of her followers have come to know her thanks to her famous family. Of course, plenty of other social media users have discovered her page for other reasons and have decided to stick around. On Instagram, she has over 400,000 followers.

In a recent post, she shared some exciting news. She has collaborated with a brand, and her son is modeling the clothes to promote the company.

She writes, “Daxxy is now a baby model for @patpat_momsays #littleinfluencer How cute is this look!?” Then, she shares a series of photos of the toddler. In the pictures, he’s wearing a ribbed henley outfit, a flannel shirt, a backward baseball cap, and little sneakers. 

Amy runs a women’s clothing boutique, 3130 Clothing. So, she’s got an eye for fashion. From the photos below, it looks like little Daxton is following in his mom’s footsteps.

Amy King Instagram
Amy King Instagram
Amy King Instagram
Amy King Instagram

Of course, fans are huge fans of the baby boy, especially in his cute new outfit. They think that he makes the perfect model, and they hope to see him try on more stylish clothing soon. One fan writes, “Ah and what a super cute model he is 😍” Another adds, “He is becoming such a big boy.” Other fans are calling him “precious” and “cute.” They think he’s looking more like his dad these days.

You can see the rest of the photos here.

So, what do you think of Daxton’s fashionable outfit? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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