‘The Grand Tour’ Scotland Episode May Have Possible Date

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Last year, in the midst of the worldwide Covid-19 epidemic, The Grand Tour was in Scotland, filming another episode. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were all driving vintage American cars.

Clarkson went to social media showing himself tucking into a full Scottish breakfast with flimsy plastic utensils, and the masked trio, all on a plane going home.

In December, Amazon Prime released The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt. This was the highly anticipated Madagascar adventure that was filmed in 2019 before borders shut down and people were forced to quarantine.

Now, fans want to know when the Scotland episode will drop. Sounds like we have an answer. Ok, sort of.

When Will The Grand Tour Scotland Episode Drop?

Now that The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt has been out for two months, fans want to know when the Scottish episode will finally air. The official Grand Tour Twitter page had an answer for fans. “Let’s play the yes, no game. Yes, the next Special will come out later this year. No, we don’t know when. Yes, we went to Scotland. No, there’s no more information currently. Yes, we will update you when we know more. #TheGrandTour”

While this is not giving any real information, The Sun did provide some details about the Scotland episode, courtesy of Andy Wilman, the show’s longtime producer. Williams said, “We were trying to think of different options, and where we ended up was we just shot one recently up in Scotland, a kind of mini coronavirus special, which will be 60-odd minutes rather than 90.”

Do we know anything else about the Scotland episode?

What Do We Know About The Grand Tour Scotland Episode?

Last fall, when the UK put down harsh lockdown restrictions, The Grand Tour decided to visit the Outer Hebrides. They could not go abroad to another country, and they had to pick a place in the UK where it was not so populated. Thus, this was the obvious choice.

Thanks to a UK press that didn’t have much to report on, we got a few tidbits about the Scottish adventure. This includes another classic Richard Hammond car wreck.

Unfortunately, throughout their trip, the Covid cases kept increasing. The crew was concerned they would be trapped indefinitely in Scotland. So, it was a big sigh of relief when they were on that plane, and it took off for home.

When Will The Grand Tour Scotland Episode Drop?

Will we see these stars in the upcoming episode? Who knows. Right now, The Grand Tour fans just want to know when they can expect to see the Scotland episode. In his answer, fans can better understand why it takes so darn long.

First of all, “Scotland won’t be going out for months.” the former Top Gear star proceeded to explain that “It’s a very long process from somebody shouting wrap to people being able to watch.” First, editing takes about three months. Next, it is “another 16 weeks to do the subtitles for different countries in the world.”

When Will They Film Another Episode?

March is nearly here, and the Covid restrictions are still in place. That penciled-in trip to Russia is likely now on the March 2022 calendar. Originally, The Grand Tour entourage was headed to Russia in 2020, when things started to close down. They canceled their trip at the last minute.

Unfortunately, they also paid for everything in advance. Producer Andy Wilman,  joked, “There’s no word for refund in Russian.” They cannot make that mistake again.

We can safely assume that the team is scoping out some new places in the UK where they can film. Meanwhile, the team is going to just have to appease the unhappy fans on social media and hope that this worldwide pandemic lessens, soon.

The Grand Tour: A Massive Hunt is currently showing on Amazon Prime.

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