Sharna Burgess Shares Sweet Message For Singles On Valentine’s Day

Sharna Burgess from Instagram

It’s Valentine’s Day. The occasion brings joy for some, and heartache for others. Dancing With The Stars pro Sharna Burgess isn’t single this year, but she wanted to share some kind words with those that are. She recently shared her thoughts with fans on Instagram.

Sharna Burgess Encourages Fans Feeling Alone During The Holiday

She started off the Instagram post by sharing a quote “’… You are worth fighting for. And you are worth loving. And that’s a f—— fact’ ~ @atticusxo,” the Season 27 champion began. “For all my single humans heading into Valentine’s Day tomorrow… This ones [sic] for you. I know I know… the day can really suck can’t it. But it doesn’t have to! Even though this year is beautifully different for me, I appreciate, remember and know how V day can feel especially if you’ve simply decided it sucks.”

Even if Sharna has company this year, she doesn’t want fans to feel too down about their own situation.

Sharna Burgess/Instagram

“Lean into it with a different perspective, and remind yourself that YOU are all you need until someone worthy of your YOU comes along,” Sharna continued. “Witness love in abundance with certainty that it will come to you when you are ready. When they are ready. So until then, buy your own damn flowers and chocolate like the fucking boss you are and have an amazing day. Loving yourself. Loving life. And feeling inspired by the all love you see out there. 💕”

She added several flattering photos to the post, encouraging fans to love themselves too.

Things Do Indeed Look A Little Different This Year For The Dancer

Sharna Burgess recently made her relationship with actor Brian Austin Green Instagram official. Word on the street is that she’s met his children too. Things are getting pretty serious between them.

Sharna Burgess/Instagram

Brian Austin Green split from his wife, Megan Fox, last year. But now, it seems like they’ve happily moved on with other people. Megan Fox is involved with singer Machine Gun Kelly.

Sharna Burgess teased fans and confirmed she met someone but wasn’t ready to give details right away.

“I thought that when I met someone, I would be like scream it from the mountain tops,” the dancer told Us Weekly. “And it’s actually, it’s almost the opposite. I want to hold it close to me for just as long as I can to stay in this space and just enjoy that human for as much as I can.”

Once fans spotted them on a flight to Hawaii together around the New Year, it was kind of hard to keep it a secret any longer.

So even if you don’t have anyone to spend Valentine’s Day with this year, just know you aren’t alone! Sharna Burgess found love and you may too someday. Follow us on social media for more stories like these.

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