Who’s Micah Plath’s Special Valentine This Year?

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As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Micah Plath hasn’t been seeking out a relationship. He explained, “I don’t need distraction. Not saying the right person couldn’t help me along, so you never know.” But this was in December, so it’s possible things have changed by now, right?

Well, Micah does seem to have someone special in his life this Valentine’s Day. On social media, his sister Moriah Plath’s boyfriend Max Kallschmidt shared a snap of Micah with this new “girl.” Max refers to her as “Micah’s new lady friend.” The photos feature Micah outside with a chocolate labrador retriever. Micah is wearing a red shirt, a khaki jacket, blue jeans, and a baseball cap.

It’s unclear who the dog belongs to and whether she is actually Micah’s. Before these photos were posted, fans never heard about Micah and Moriah having a dog. The dog could be new or she could belong to Max and his family. But Max seemed to enjoy making a joke out of it all nonetheless.

Max Kallschmidt Instagram
Max Kallschmidt Instagram

Fans often ask if Micah Plath is dating

Welcome to Plathville viewers watched Micah’s modeling career evolve. While he was shooting, he often spent time with Helena Parrish. Now, when Micah shares photos on social media, Helena usually leaves a comment of some type. It seems like the two are good friends, but nothing seems to be going on romantically between them. When Helena commented on one of Micah’s latest posts, a fan asked if they were dating.

Of course, fans don’t only wonder if he’s dating Helena. They want to know if he has any kind of love interest in his life. Because Micah does spend a good amount of time on social media, it’s likely that an official announcement will come when he’s officially off the market. Being a model means that he’s gotten plenty of attention.

Even if Micah didn’t spend his Valentine’s Day with a human valentine, it looks like he still had a good time. He’s got plenty of time to find the right person for him. Plus, he seems to be close with several ladies, thanks to his successful modeling career.

So, what do you think of Micah Plath’s special valentine? Do you think he will find a special someone sometime soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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