Hilary Spivey Sets The Record Straight About Odd Wedding Registry

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Hilary Spivey, the mom of Claire Spivey, is sharing what happened with her daughter’s wedding registry. Claire is engaged to Justin Duggar, and the two are in the midst of wedding planning. So, when an Amazon wedding registry with the couple’s names on it went public, Hilary wanted to make sure fans knew the truth.

Over the past few days, several news outlets have reported on the registry being public. Specifically, Cafe Mom shared a rundown of what’s on the registry. Many of the items on the list shocked fans because they aren’t traditional wedding registry items. For example, the list included Apple AirPods, a Roomba robot vacuum, bright pink bedlinens, and tons of gift cards. While there aren’t rules for wedding registries, those who checked out the list were surprised by what is on it.

The registry mentioned was on Amazon, and it listed Justin and Claire’s names. It also stated that their wedding date is April 16, 2021. But is the registry legitimate?

Hilary Spivey says the registry being shared isn’t the right one

It appears that Claire’s mom is aware of the registry going around. On Instagram, she shared a new post explaining that the wrong registry is circulating.

She explains, “Hello! Claire does have a wedding registry with Amazon. The one that is floating around out there is not accurate. We are sorry if there have been individuals that have sent gifts to that registry. The link to hers will be shared soon! Please disregard the one that appears. Please know this is not Justin and Claire’s registry. ☹️”

Duggar fans were surprised to hear that someone would scam them like this. It’s possible that some of the gifts on the registry were already purchased and sent to the wrong recipient. Fans are thanking Hilary for clearing things up so they know not to buy anything off of the list.

In addition to the items on the list being incorrect, it’s possible that the date is wrong too. The Duggar and Spivey families have not announced the wedding date yet, so it’s unclear if it’s actually set for April 16.

Nonetheless, the real wedding registry is likely coming very soon, as Hilary mentions. And the young couple is a favorite of Duggar fans, so there’s a good chance they will receive lots of gifts, thanks to Justin’s family’s name.

So, are you surprised to hear that someone used Justin and Claire’s names on the registry? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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