‘The Grand Tour’ Has ‘A Slight Problem’ Says Richard Hammond

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Back in December, The Grand Tour fans were thrilled when Amazon dropped “A Massive Hunt” a day early. But, fans are already bugging Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May about the recently filmed Scotland episode. When will that air? And when are they filming more episodes?

Turns out, they have a “slight problem” with their current show structure.

The Grand Tour’s Major Flaw

The recent travel restrictions have caused havoc for globetrotters. But, imagine if your business is all based on travel? According to Express, The Grand Tour’s Richard Hammond is very concerned about the Amazon Prime’s show’s Achille’s heel during this pandemic.

Appearing on Sunday Brunch, Hammond was asked about The Grand Tour. Hammond had a clever reply.

“Well the issue is summed up in the tour bit of the name. It’s a problem. It’s not easy.” He then explained that it has been very “weird.” Usually, he is living out of his suitcase, but right now, his cases have been collecting dust, under the bed. That is due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

Hammond explained that they did film one closer to home. That was in Scotland. Moreover, they will need to do that again, at the rate things are going. “We did to it closer to home and we will do it closer to home again this year.” Most of all, he reassured fans that they will “get something done, of course we will.”

But, Richard did hint that this issue not so easy, with Zoom meetings and and social distanced planning. That can be a bit like herding cats. He laughed as he relayed, “Yeah it’s brilliant because it’s not like there’s many egos in the room so not like we’re talking over each other or anything.”

It should be of no surprise that the charismatic trio do talk over each other.

When Is The Grand Tour Scotland Escapade Coming Out?

Back in October, The Grand Tour went to Scotland to film a single episode. They could not leave the UK to film more episodes, and with only the Madagascar episode as part of Season 4, they needed content. So, they went to the Outer Hebrides to film. This is a low population location that was ideal for the 50-person film crew to stay safe during the most challenging of circumstances.

But, when will Amazon release this episode? That is still a mystery. Since the trio has not filmed anything else since then, and since the UK is currently on a serious lockdown, Amazon may choose to hold onto the Scotland episode. Perhaps they will keep that in their back pocket until they can see if Jeremy, James, and Richard can go anywhere else in 2021.

Now to get them talking in some sort of orderly fashion!

Where Are Richard, James, Jeremy Going Next?

The biggest question is where Richard Hammond, James May, and Jeremy Clarkson will head out next. Last summer, longtime producer, Andy Wilman, hinted that they still intended on going to Russia. They had planned on going to Russia back in mid-March 2020. They paid in advance for the whole shoot, but at the last minute, decided not to go.

That was a good thing, as the world was just about to close down. It would be hard to imagine how the former Top Gear stars and crew would deal with the unprecedented worldwide pandemic.

In addition, Wilman joked that there is no such word as “refund” in Russian. But, since then, has insisted that they have always intended on doing this trip. Unfortunately, there is this pandemic problem, and right now, The Grand Tour can’t even start to plan another adventure outside of the UK.

Maybe Russia 2022?

Meanwhile, let’s hope that the trio stops talking over each other long enough to plan another UK adventure. Soon.

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