TLC Delays New ‘Unexpected’ Episodes – When Will They Air?

Jenna Ronan from TLC's Unexpected

On Tuesday, TLC announced that the next episode of Unexpected won’t air for a while. So, what’s going on with the show? When can fans expect new episodes?

TLC promises new episodes of Unexpected in March

On Tuesday, TLC shared a clip of the upcoming episode of the reality show. They also stated that the show will be back in March. The posts they shared promoting the show include no details about why this delay happened. They simply write, “Your favorite mama drama returns this March!”

This comes as a shock to fans who have gotten used to watching the show every Sunday evening. Prior to this announcement, nobody knew that the show was delayed. This has left plenty of fans confused.

Why is the show postponed?

There are a few possible reasons for the show’s delay. On Sunday, February 7, Super Bowl LV will have many viewers’ attention. So, perhaps TLC is predicting low views that night. That doesn’t explain why the show won’t return until March though. They could simply postpone the show for one week.

Some fans think that Covid-19 might be playing a role in the show’s delay. After all, Covid-19 has put plenty of shows and movies on hold. They might need to finish production on the content. Or maybe they didn’t film enough content, so they’re trying to pull it all together.

The preview for the next episode is on TLC’s social media pages, so it seems that they at least have that episode ready to go when it’s time for the show to return.

You can watch the preview here.

Some fans are speculating that the network had to scrap some of the season’s content due to a couple getting kicked off the show mid-season. Perhaps TLC doesn’t have enough content to work with without their scenes.

Unexpected fans disappointed

In the comments section of TLC’s Instagram post about the delay, fans of the show aren’t too happy. They will miss watching the show for the month of February. They also don’t like that the announcement seemingly came out of nowhere.

In addition, fans are curious about the delay and want to know more about it. At this point, TLC hasn’t revealed a reason for the delay, keeping fans waiting. Hopefully, TLC will clarify what’s going on.

So, will you be watching Unexpected when it returns in March? Why do you think the show’s on hold? Let us know in the comments below.

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