Hallmark’s ‘Chronicle Mysteries: Helped To Death’ Features Two ‘Days’ Stars

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Chronicle Mysteries movie, Helped To Death is premiering soon. Starring Alison Sweeney (Days of Our Lives), Benjamin Ayres (Cranberry Christmas), Lochlyn Munro (Riverdale), and Kristian Alfonso (Days of Our Lives), this original mystery has some twists, turns and a popular podcast.

Ready to deep dive into another Chronicle Mysteries movie?

What Is Hallmark’s Helped To Death About?

According to the Hallmark press release, Alex (Sweeney) and Drew (Ayres) embark on a self-help retreat with Zach (Ian Collins). They are not on any sort of spiritual quest. During previous retreats, celebrity life coach, Billy Garrett (Munro), has been in charge.  Can Alex and Drew find out what is going on?

Unfortunately, while Alex and Drew go undercover and find that a participant has died. Now the Chronicle team has to put together what has actually happened. However, Billy has a devoted following. They are staying mum. This means, Alex and Drew have to work harder to get to the bottom of this, before anyone else perishes in mysterious circumstances!

Importance Of The Murder Board

Anyone who watches Hallmark’s Chronicle Mysteries knows about the all important “Murder Board.” Alison Sweeney previously shared on Instagram that this is one of the most important set pieces on the original mystery series. Moreover, Alison Sweeney discovered that real detectives use a bulletin board or a white board.

A murder board includes photos of all of the possible suspects. Usually set up on a white board, this is a tool investigators use to organize all the information gathered. These bits of info includes photos of the victim, suspects, locations, and sticky notes with some names and other details. Some bits of information includes where people where at the time of the murder. The way it is all set up can help investigators freshly view the pieces of evidence.

Two Days Stars Means Double The Hallmark Entertainment

Ready for a Days reunion? In the upcoming Hallmark mystery, Chronicle Mysteries: Helped To Death. According to Soaps, when they were filming the movie in the Vancouver area, Sweeney shared a photo to social media, thrilled that she and Kristian were working together.

On Instagram, Alison wrote, “So excited that @kristianalfonso is able to join us for a @chroniclemysteries movie!!! Welcome to the @hallmarkmovie family!!!” Alison included a selfie, along with Kristian.

Alison Sweeney Kristian Alfonso
Instagram / Alison Sweeney

However, there was some rainy Vancouver weather. It didn’t seem to faze them. Both seemed happy to be doing something very normal during this crazy pandemic time.

When Can You Watch Hallmark’s Chronicle Mysteries: Helped To Death?

The Chronicle Mysteries: Helped To Death premieres on Sunday, February 21, at 8 p.m., Eastern on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Encore showings include Tuesday, February 23, at 8 p.m., and Friday, February 26, at 10 p.m., all times Eastern. Be sure to check with listings in case of changes.



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