Duggar Family Begs Fans To Pray For Justin

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The Duggar family is asking for prayers for their son Justin Duggar. What’s going on with Jim Bob and Michelle’s 18-year-old son?

Justin Duggar’s fiance Claire Spivey asks for prayers

On Instagram Friday, Claire Spivey, Justin’s fiance, shared a photo of a banner that reads, “Praying for our Justin! We love you!” The banner also includes a photo of Justin.

Justin Duggar / Claire Spivey Instagram
Justin Duggar / Claire Spivey Instagram

In her caption, Claire explains that Justin had his wisdom teeth removed. She shares that she’s been taking care of him as he recovers from his operation. She writes, “He is such a trooper, and has had a wonderful recovery! Thankful for every moment with him, even when it’s changing ice packs, and giving meds. ;)”

So, fortunately, it looks like Justin is doing great and will continue to recover without a problem. It looks like he’s getting lots of love and support from his family. Plus, fans are leaving encouraging messages in the comments of the post.

Claire Spivey Instagram / Justin Duggar + Claire Spivey
Claire Spivey Instagram / Justin Duggar + Claire Spivey

In response to Claire’s post, fans are saying that they are praying for Justin. They hope that he has a smooth recovery. Fans are also saying how sweet it is that Claire has been taking care of Justin this whole time. One fan writes, “Taking care of those you love is the best part of life.”

Claire’s mom Hilary writes, “You were the sweetest nurse to the sweetest patient! 🥰”

You can see all of Claire’s photos here.

Duggar family shares update

Hours after Claire posted about Justin needing prayers, Michelle and Jim Bob shared a post on their own Instagram page. They shared a couple of photos from the day. One picture is of the two couples together. The second picture is of Claire and Justin after his surgery.

Jim Bob and Michelle write, “It was a big week for Justin as he faced the inevitable—getting his wisdom teeth removed! 🦷 His fiancée Claire came up to visit for the occasion, and she was a wonderful nurse while he recovered. When you love someone you definitely feel their pain, and it was sweet to see them get through this experience together!”

You can see Jim Bob and Michelle’s post here.

So, what do you think of the new posts from Claire Spivey and the Duggar family? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Wisdom tooth removal is no big deal. This family will do anything for publicity EXCEPT admit their eldest is a pedophile.

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