Did JoJo Siwa Just Come Out Of The Closet?

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TikTok star JoJo Siwa is getting a lot of attention for one of her recent videos. Now, fans are wondering what the video means. They have some strong suspicions about her intentions in sharing the video.

See JoJo Siwa’s latest TikTok

JoJo shares plenty of dancing videos on TikTok, so her posting another one isn’t necessarily anything monumental. But what’s included in the video is surprising her followers.

Notably, she’s wearing a giant hairbow with rainbows on it. She’s also dancing and lip-syncing the song Born This Way by Lady Gaga. In the song, some of the lyrics include:

“No matter gay, straight, or bi,
Lesbian, transgendered life,
I’m on the right track baby,
I was born to survive.”

JoJo Siwa makes video with several other LGBTQIA+ TikTok stars

In another TikTok video, posted on Kent Boyd’s page, JoJo joins several other LGBTQIA+ teens in dancing to Paramore’s Ain’t It Fun. Those lyrics include the words, “Now, you’re one of us.” Boyd also hashtags pridehousela. So, this is another hint that she may be gay. You can see that video here.

Viewers speculate the TikTok star is a part of the LGBTQIA+ community

After seeing the videos, fans began to speculate. They think that JoJo is coming out of the closet.

In response to the video, viewers are sending JoJo their best wishes. They are leaving positive comments about the TikTok star and encouraging her to be her true self.

On Twitter, JoJo’s TikTok video was shared again. Twitter users are replying and speculating about what the video could mean. One user writes, “She is coming out loud and proud!!! Love is love and I love this!!!” 

Some Twitter users are wondering what the video means and how other viewers drew the conclusion that JoJo is coming out. They point out the rainbow bow, as well as the song choice.

It’s also worth noting that Lady Gaga performed at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ inauguration on Wednesday. Since the video of JoJo was shared on the same day, it’s possible that JoJo was making a statement about the new president and vice president. Or, she could have been inspired by Lady Gaga’s performance.

At this point, JoJo has yet to confirm nor deny any speculation about the new video. But fans seem to be sure that she’s coming out of the closet. You can see the comments on her TikTok video here.

Update: JoJo Siwa is seemingly confirming the rumors herself. Several Tik Tok stars and JoJo’s brother are discussing the speculation as well.

So, do you think that JoJo Siwa’s video proves that she’s coming out of the closet? Or do you think she’s simply dancing to a Lady Gaga song? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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