‘The Bachelor’ Bri Springs May Have Scammed Instagram For A Blue Check

Bachelor from Instagram

Getting verified on Instagram is a pretty big deal, especially in 2021. This goes for all the reality TV stars, including those on The Bachelor. It seems that one of the Bachelor Nation members might have learned how to scam the system to get her blue checkmark a bit quicker.

Bri Springs scams the system

According to ScreenRant, Bri might have found a way to get verified on Instagram before the rest of her castmates this season are able to. Not only does she have a lot of fans already from being at the top of the rank this season, but there is also something weird going on with her account. Apparently, a hacker got into her Instagram. But, some fans think it was just a ploy.

A few days ago, Bri got locked out of her Instagram account like has been happening to a few different Bachelor Nation members. However, it is worth noting that when Bri got locked out of her account, her follower count was just at 38,000 which is not enough to become verified.

As soon as she got her account back, she also earned her blue checkmark. This officially makes her a Verified Instagram user despite her “low” follower count.

According to ScreenRant, one Instagram account suggests that this hack was “leverage to get verified AKA someone was trying to pretend to be her.”

Apparently, Bri actually works for Facebook so she has connections with people that could’ve verified her once she “got her account back.”

Honestly, the whole thing doesn’t make a ton of sense. After all, it’s literally just a blow checkmark on Instagram. However, if she really was able to cheat the system – then good for her.

Bri Springs | Instagram

How is ‘The Bachelor’ going?

Tomorrow night will be the third episode of the newest season of The Bachelor. Two weeks in, and of course, there has been so much drama already. This includes at the last rose ceremony.

Last week’s episode ends with Sarah Trott leaving the rose ceremony because she is about to blackout. Apparently, her housemates aren’t so sure this wasn’t planned (just like Bri’s Instagram).

“She’s getting exactly what she wants,” one contestant says in the new promo for the episode. This would be referring to the amount of attention Sarah ends up getting from Matt.

In a previous interview, Chris Harrison actually speaks about these women who get extra attention from the leads. “Sometimes … those that get that early attention, those that have that really initial, bright spark, it’s hard to continue that because obviously the Bachelor/Bachelorette then has to go elsewhere.” Chris says “They have to compartmentalize these relationships and that makes it really tough when you have that initial burst of energy. So, can Sarah keep that going? Can she sustain that? Or will it get the best of them? That we’ll have to see.”

Do you think that Sarah faked her Bachelor blackout? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bachelor Nation news.

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