Justin Duggar Spends More Time In Texas–Did He Move There?

Justin Duggar

Counting On star Justin Duggar is enjoying himself in Texas. He has been spending a lot of time there recently. So, did he make the move from Arkansas to Texas?

Where does the Duggar family live?

Justin and the rest of the Duggar family live in Tonitown, Arkansas. This town is near Springdale, Arkansas. Even the kids who are grown up, married, and starting their own families live in Arkansas.

Justin Duggar spends time in Texas

On her Instagram page, Hilary Spivey, the mother of Claire Spivey, Justin’s fiance, shared new photos and videos. In the photos, Justin is enjoying the Texas snow with Claire and her siblings.

Hilary Spivey Instagram
Hilary Spivey Instagram

This isn’t the first time that Justin has visited Texas. Based on Hilary’s Instagram page, Justin seems to visit the Spivey family quite often. Since the engagement, Justin has been popping up on Hilary’s social media, showing that he’s in Texas.

Hilary Spivey responds

In the comments section of one of Hilary’s recent posts, someone asks if Justin has already moved to Texas. Hilary responds, “no he just happened to be here for the snow! We were grateful!” So, while he doesn’t live in Texas yet, he is certainly enjoying spending his time there with the Spivey family.

Might Justin Duggar move to Texas?

As for if Justin will move to Texas, we don’t know yet. It’s unclear whether Justin and Claire will choose to settle down in Arkansas, Texas, or somewhere totally different.

It’s worth noting that most of the Duggar kids have stayed in Arkansas. One exception is Jinger Duggar, who married Jeremy Vuolo. When they first tied the knot, she moved to Laredo, Texas to be with him. Now, the couple resides in Los Angeles, California with their two daughters.

Because Justin seems to be close with the Spivey family, fans wouldn’t necessarily be surprised if he ended up moving to Texas. The Spivey family has also been pictured hanging out with the Duggars. So, it seems that there are multiple possibilities. Only time will tell. But it sounds like the wedding-planning process is in the works, so a wedding shouldn’t be too far away.

There is some speculation that Justin is attempting to get away from his family, so that may contribute to his decision about where he chooses to live.

So, do you think Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey will end up in Texas or Arkansas? Why? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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