Bates Family Shares Heartfelt Message To Son Zach Bates

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On Wednesday, December 30, Zach Bates celebrated his birthday. Several members of the Bringing Up Bates family took to social media to celebrate him.

Who is Zach Bates?

Zach is a member of the Bates family, who’s known for their show Bringing Up Bates. He is the eldest of the 19 Bates children.

Zach is married to Whitney Perkins. Together, the couple shares three children. They also have a new baby on the way. Their kids include Bradley, 6, Kaci, 4, and Khloé, 1. The new baby is due in June 2021, and the couple has yet to reveal the baby’s gender.

Zach is a police officer. He and his family live in Tennessee.

Bates family shares messages for Zach Bates

Zach’s wife, Whitney, posted on their shared Instagram page to wish him a happy birthday. She included a couple of photos of himself with their kids. In front of them is a birthday cake with blue and green sprinkles on top. Whitney reveals that she and the kids made the cake for him. She writes, “I can’t imagine doing life without him by my side. In our eyes, this man right here is the absolute BEST!🥰 The best, husband, daddy, playmate, listener, encourager, and friend. I’ve honestly never seen someone with so much passion and drive in everything he pursues in life.”

You can read Whitney’s full post here.

Zach’s parents also posted a special birthday message for their oldest child. The proud mom, Kelly Jo, writes:

Even now, as busy as you are, not too many days can pass without a text, a call, a visit, a few words of encouragement from you… If I could accurately describe how I feel about you, I’d have to create a new word that blended the words: ‘love,’ ‘admiration,’ ‘respect,’ & ‘proud’ all together to make one new word of ultimate praise and recognition! And even that wouldn’t probably do justice to describing how truly proud I am of you! I love you so much!”

Kelly Jo also includes a few recent family photos. They feature herself and her husband Gil, along with Zach’s family. See the photos here.

Zach’s brother Lawson Bates shared a funny photo and a serious photo of the two. You can see the pictures here.

Bringing Up Bates fans wish him a happy birthday

In addition to his family posting about his birthday, plenty of fans took the time to wish him a happy birthday too. In the comments sections of each post from the family, fans shared their own sweet sentiments for Zach. Fans are complimenting the family and saying that they hope 32 is a great year for Zach.

So, what do you think of the birthday messages for Zach Bates? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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