‘The Grand Tour: A Massive Hunt’ Drops Day Early In Holiday Surprise

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The Grand Tour fans who had circled Friday, December 18 as the day they could finally get to see the long-awaited Madagascar episode now have an early Christmas present to savor.

Amazon has already dropped “The Grand Tour: A Massive Hunt” special!

The Grand Tour Madagascar Special Is Available One Day Early!

Finally, “The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt.” Fans have been waiting a very, very long time. Even Jeremy Clarkson admits that “it has been a long time.”

In the Grand Tour announcement video, Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May talked about the fans asking when the Madagascar episode would finally be released.  Hammond complained, “Oh yea, I’m tired of being asked.”

James May agreed, and shared that, “regardless of what you’re talking about. Whether you are on social media, in the pub, at a petrol station, in a sweet shop, ‘When is The Grand Tour Special?’.

And, Clarkson concluded, “We are very bored with it.” This is why they released the Amazon special a day ahead of schedule.

What Is ‘The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt’ About?

According to original “The Grand Tour: A Massive Hunt” trailer, the trio go to Madagascar. They will start out in Reunion island. This is where they will have some fun and race. They are in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Moreover, they think this is going to be a leisurely experience.

But, soon after, their intrepid producer, Andy Wilman, issues a daunting challenge. They follow the route of legendary pirate La Buse, in search of treasure.

Now, they gotta get their cars ready for an extreme adventure. According to The Sunday Times Driving, Jeremy Clarkson is driving a Bentley Continental GT. He has replaced the suspension. In order to survive the rugged Madagascar terrain, they rerouted the fuel lines, added armor plating to the underside of the vehicle, added new brakes, wheels and a roll cage.

Secondly, Richard Hammond drives a Ford Focus RS across Madagascar. He added tank tracks to it, although this vehicle is not really meant for off roading.

Lastly, James May just added larger rear wheels to his Caterham Seven. Will that be enough to beat Clarkson and Hammond?

What we also know is that one of these cars does not complete the challenge. We are not telling who does not complete the mission. And, they turn on each other. You will just need to watch.

When Is The Next Episode Airing On Amazon?

Once “The Grand Tour: A Massive Hunt” is viewed and reviewed, fans are going to ask when the next episode is coming out. We do know that in October, the trio and about 50 crew members were in Scotland filming. This was filmed in the midst of Covid, so this means social distancing and daily coronavirus tests.

Based on reports, the former Top Gear trio appeared to drive across the country and wind up west, to the Hebrides.

When will Amazon drop this special? There is no information on this, but it is safe to say, don’t ask Clarkson, Hammond or May.

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