Carlin Bates, Evan Stewart Decorate For Layla’s First Christmas: Photos

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Bringing Up Bates star Carlin Bates is preparing for a special milestone. Her daughter, Layla Rae, is about to celebrate her very first Christmas! Carlin and her husband Evan Stewart welcomed Layla into the world in January 2020.

On her Instagram stories, Carlin is documenting this exciting time. She took several photos and video clips of her little family decorating the Christmas tree. In the clips, they are hanging an orange slice garland on the tree. Evan also helps his young daughter hang her first ornament. The little family seems to be enjoying all of these special moments, especially Layla’s “firsts.”

You can see a couple of the photos below.

Because Carlin shared these photos and videos on her Instagram stories, fans can’t publicly react to them. But, it’s likely that Carlin will share more about Layla’s first Christmas festivities very soon. Both Evan and Carlin post frequent updates to their Instagram accounts and their YouTube channel.

What are Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart up to?

On Instagram, Carlin often shares new photos of herself, Evan, and little Layla. In a recent post, she shared a photo of Evan and Layla napping together. She says that she walked into the room and saw them snuggling. Then, she adds, “I’m holding on to these tiny moments and cherishing the little snuggles. She is growing up so fast! 😭😍

From their social media pages, it looks like Evan and Carlin are enjoying their little girl. They love to spend time with her and take care of her. Fans are also crazy about Layla and are eager to see more pictures of her whenever Evan and Carlin share them.

In another recent post from Carlin, she reveals that the family went shopping for a Christmas tree. Carlin wrote, “The Stewart family finds a Christmas tree 🤗 Success rate 100% so far, unlike last year when all the tree farms ended up being closed or out of trees and we ended up just heading over to the Walmart for ours 🙈

The pictures feature the family of three at a Christmas tree farm. In one of the photos, Layla is standing with Carlin’s support, so it won’t be long before she starts walking. Carlin recently shared a 10-month update about Layla too.

So, what do you think of the latest updates from Evan Stewart and Carlin Bates? Are you looking forward to seeing Layla’s first Christmas photos? Share your thoughts below.

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