Joe & Kendra Duggar Slammed For Maskless Photos During Covid Case Spike

Joe and Kendra Duggar IG

Joe and Kendra Duggar of TLC’s Counting On took to social media on Wednesday. They shared a series of photos from a fun family outing. The pictures feature Joe and Kendra, as well as their two kids. Garrett is two years old, and Addison is one year old. The couple is also expecting a baby in February.

In the photos, Joe and Kendra are at a holiday lights display. They write, “We had so much fun taking the kids to see Christmas lights last night!” Joe’s sister Jill Dillard commented, “Aww! So sweet!

The family of four is all bundled up in the pictures. But, fans are quick to notice that something important is missing from their photos.

Joe & Kendra Duggar take the heat for not wearing masks again

Amid the pandemic, Joe and Kendra have not been wearing masks, as far as fans can tell from their social media page. Nonetheless, the couple is being slammed once again for not wearing masks as they walk around outdoors and look at Christmas lights. Their comments section is full of comments from fans urging them to start wearing their masks.

Fans seem to be especially concerned this time because Kendra is pregnant. They fear that she will get herself or the baby seriously sick. Not to mention, Joe and Kendra’s two kids are still young themselves. It’s not recommended for kids under 3 to wear masks, but fans argue that Joe and Kendra should be wearing masks to protect their children.

Some fans argue that the couple may have taken their masks off for the photos. Others think it’s okay that the family isn’t wearing masks because they’re outdoors. Some fans are saying that Joe and Kendra should be able to make their own decisions about masks.

It’s worth noting that there is currently a spike in Covid-19 cases around the United States.

Duggar family ignores coronavirus guidelines

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many members of the Duggar family have been seemingly unconcerned about the crisis. They have been hosting their weekly family gatherings. They even held a fall festival, which included a large number of friends and family members.

Some of the Duggars seem to care a little bit more about the pandemic than others. But, overall, fans don’t think the family is taking the pandemic seriously. They have been called out numerous times for this.

So, do you think it’s a problem that Joe & Kendra Duggar seldom wear masks? Share your thoughts below.

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