Whitney Way Thore and Her Latest Product Endorsement

Whitney Way Thore

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore loves this product so much that she pulls into a parking lot to tell her fans about it.

Whitney Way Thore endorses CBD oil company with a wide range of products.

Whitney Way Thore pulls over into a parking lot to create an Instagram Stories video to share with her fans. In the video, Whitney looks phenomenal. Her hair is on top of her head in a top-knot messy bun with a copper scrunchie ponytail holder. Additionally, her tan big rimmed glasses accentuate her face and showcase her minimalist, natural makeup look. Whitney is donning a  plain white tee and a single necklace and several statement rings. Also, her white manicure is very chic. She doesn’t say where she’s going, but she looks very well put together.

At the beginning of the video, Whitney Way Thore shares that she’s tried several brands of CBD oil. However, she specifies that Uncle Bud’s Hemp is “the brand that she’s landed on.” She goes on to explain that this is “the brand [she] likes the best. For a lot of reasons.” Seemingly understanding of the fact that CBD oil may not appeal to some members of her fan base, Whitney explains that Uncle Buds Hemp offers a wide range of products.  Some of the products Whitney recommends are facemasks, topical gels, “and other stuff from them as well.”

Why does Whitney use CBD oil?

After a brief introduction of the brand, Whitney goes on to explain how the CBD oil works. She explains that it is a sublingual tincture. To use the product, it is placed under the tongue for thirty seconds and then swallowed.

Without hesitation, Whitney fires off the benefits of taking CBD oil. According to her, the benefits range from improved sleep, reduced anxiety to reduced inflammation. Also, Whitney mentions that this helps with some of the side effects of living with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). To get her desired results, Whitney says she takes it every night and “whenever [she] feels like it.”

The Uncle Bud’s Sublingual Tincture that Whitney Way Thore speaks about retails for $46.99. However, Whitney shares a discount code (IG20) with her fans for 20% off their order. Surprisingly, this specific sublingual tincture is one of three showcased on Uncle Bud’s website. One of the other ones is Uncle Bud’s CBD Sublingual with 500mg Vitamin C. The third tincture is Uncle Bud’s CBD Sublingual with 50mg Elderberry. Like the one that Whitney uses, these also retail for $46.99.

Whitney Way Thore
Instagram / Whitney Way Thore

It’s always nice to get the inside scoop on what works best for your favorite reality television star. Do you use CBD oil? Are you going to try any of Uncle Bud’s products? Let us know in the comments section below.

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