Jessa Duggar Leaks Courtship News–Who’s Courting Now?

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Recently, Jessa Duggar Seewald shared a YouTube video featuring her family’s fall festival. This festival included most of the Duggars, as well as some friends. It was held outdoors at Jim Bob and Michelle’s home. Following the event, the family did get some backlash for gathering amid the pandemic, especially when no one was wearing masks. But, something else caught the attention of fans. A Duggar courtship was mentioned briefly.

Duggar family gathers for fall festival

In Jessa’s YouTube video, a large gathering takes place at the family’s home. The day is complete with kite decorating, a pie competition, pumpkin-decorating, and more. Jessa adds that Lauren and Josiah Duggar came up with the idea.

Often, when Jessa uploads a video to her YouTube channel, she will share a short clip on her Instagram stories. Then, fans can “swipe up” to view the full video. The clip she chose to share this time featured a hint about a Duggar courtship. So, she quickly deleted it. But, the full video is still on her YouTube channel, so the courtship is no longer a secret.

Jessa Seewald reveals Duggar courtship

In the video, several of the guys are painting pumpkins. Jessa says something about everyone painting pumpkins for their girlfriends. She adds that they can give the pumpkins to girls to get them to be their girlfriends too.

Jessa specifically asks Jed Duggar, “Are you going to pаint one for your dаrling?” To this, Jed responds, “Yeаh. Wаit, how did you know?”

So, it seems like any information about Jed’s “darling” is top secret. The family hasn’t made a courtship announcement yet. The relationship could be new, or maybe the family is waiting for the right time to make the announcement. If it’s going to be announced on an upcoming season of Counting On, the family might not share the news for a while.

Jed Duggar courtship speculation

For months, fans have been expecting a courtship announcement from Jed. This began once he created an Instagram account for his run for state representative. Though it’s not a “rule,” the Duggar kids typically don’t create social media accounts until they’re in courtships. So, it’s possible he’s been in a courtship for a while now.

There are several Duggars of courting age, so fans were shocked when 17-year-old Justin Duggar announced his courtship with Claire Spivey. Now, the two are engaged. This leaves several of the older kids waiting for their own courtships to begin.

So, do you think that Jed is in a courtship? When do you think that the announcement will go live? Share your thoughts in the comments.

You can watch the whole video here.

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