Olivia Plath Gets Honest About Marriage & Walking Away

Welcome to Plathville stars Olivia Plath and Ethan Plath

If you’re a Welcome to Plathville fan, you likely realize how much tension there is in the family. Specifically, Olivia Plath doesn’t get along with her in-laws, Kim and Barry Plath. The relationship has been rocky, as documented on the show. And, according to Olivia, it’s had an effect on her relationship with her husband Ethan.

Olivia has been very open and honest about her life, especially on the TLC show and on her Instagram page. As TV Shows Ace reports, there have been concerns about her marriage. Fortunately, it seems that Ethan and Olivia are working through their problems and making their relationship work. But, there are still issues with Ethan’s parents.

Though Olivia was raised in a Christian conservative household, Ethan’s upbringing was much stricter. So, as Olivia has helped Ethan step out of his comfort zone and try new things, Kim and Barry have restricted how often the kids can see Olivia and Ethan. Because of this, Ethan and Olivia are missing out on important relationships.

Olivia Plath discusses walking away

On the most recent episode of the family’s show, Olivia opens up about her relationship with Ethan. She explains, “If Ethan and I had been able to just date and get to know each other and I could have seen back then everything that was going to happen now, I think I probably would have walked away. But then I also would’ve missed out on Ethan and who he is as a person.”

Olivia has loved Ethan from the start, but she questioned whether all of the family drama was worth it. She contemplated whether she would have married him if she knew what was going to happen later.

Olivia has previously talked about the possibility of divorce. She and Ethan seriously talked about that, but they ultimately decided to be together. Since then, Ethan has seemed to further separate himself from the rest of the Plath family so he can focus on his marriage.

Despite the rough patches the young couple has been through, they both appear to want to be in their relationship and are actively trying to improve things. It’s unclear what will happen between them and Ethan’s parents, but more may unfold on the TLC show very soon.

So, what do you think of Olivia Plath’s honesty? Do you appreciate how open she is with viewers? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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