Could Justin Duggar’s Relationship Be Arranged?

Justin Duggar

Since Justin Duggar announced his courtship at age 17, Counting On fans have wondered if the relationship was arranged by his parents. Now, as TV Shows Ace reports, Justin and his girlfriend Claire Spivey are already engaged. They seem to have gotten engaged on his 18th birthday, but there’s speculation it happened before he became a legal adult.

Critics and fans of the family often wonder how many of the relationships are genuine and how many of them are arranged. There has been talk about Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s marriage being arranged. As TV Shows Ace previously shares, a source claims that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar rushed to get Josiah married so he would settle down. The source also claims that Josiah had “rebellious” tendencies.

So, could Justin be in the same boat? Might his parents be pushing his relationship with Claire? It’s possible. Of course, there’s no way to know for sure. It’s worth noting that the Duggar and Spivey families go way back. Though Claire and Justin met recently, this could have been planned in advance.

Justin Duggar, Claire Spivey marrying young

In the Duggar family, the kids tend to tie the knot at a young age. They are often in their early twenties, but some are still teenagers when they get married. So, it’s not too odd that Justin is engaged at 18. This is simply young by society’s expectations, especially with people tying the knot later in life.

If the relationship is arranged, that would explain why the relationship appeared to progress to the engagement quickly. In Duggar courtships, the relationships seem to move from courting to engagement to marriage fast though.

Could Justin want out of his parents’ home?

Over on Reddit, critics are discussing the possibility of Justin wanting to leave his parents’ home. Keep in mind that this is all speculation, so it may or may not be true. Nonetheless, critics think it’s worth exploring.

They wonder if he is unhappy at his parents’ home. Since he started courting Claire, he has spent a lot of time with her family in Texas too. So, these critics think that he might be “getting adopted by a new family.”

Justin- Marrying his sweetheart OR Getting adopted by a new family?
by u/justpeachy7777 in DuggarsSnark

Of course, there’s a chance that Claire and Justin simply fell in love at a young age and can’t wait to start their lives together. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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