What Did Blake Shelton Do Before Proposing to Gwen Stefani?

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

It goes without saying that The Voice coaches Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are one of America’s favorite couples. People reports on a cute, sentimental gesture Shelton made prior to asking Stefani to marry him.

What’s Blake Shelton’s take on an old engagement tradition?

Gwen Stefani’s son, Kingston, 14, may not be a fan of Blake Shelton’s music. However, it appears that he is a fan of Shelton as a person. Prior to proposing to Stefani, Shelton wanted approval from three significant people in Stefani’s life. Shelton asked Kingston, Zuma, 12, and Apollo, 6, for permission to marry their mother. A source explains to US Weekly that the relationship between Blake and the boys has progressed from a friendship to “being a serious parental influence.”

Providing some insider information to the engagement, a source close to Gwen Stefani says, “Blake told her boys that he wanted to propose and asked their permission.” Heartwarmingly, the source also shares that, “Her family very much approves of him. He’s an amazing partner and great extra dad to the boys. Gwen is ecstatic. The proposal was a surprise.”

Asking the boys’ permission to marry their mother is just one of the several things Blake Shelton did to make sure his proposal was special. The couple kept their engagement private for a few days before finally sharing the news with fans on October 27. At the time, fans may not have realized the significance of where the highly anticipated proposal took place. Beautifully, Blake Shelton proposed to Gwen Stefani in a chapel on their property in Oklahoma. Remarkably, he built the chapel for her on his property. A source tells Hollywood Life that, “He originally built the chapel for Gwen because she is a very devout Catholic and he wanted to make her feel comfortable with her transition from LA to Oklahoma.”

Things with the couple seem very traditional

Consequently, these gestures go to prove that Blake Shelton is serious about his future with Gwen Stefani. A source close to Stefani previously tells Entertainment Tonight, “She wasn’t in a hurry because she wanted to ensure Blake was ready.” Additionally, it seems evident that Shelton knows Stefani is “old-fashioned.” This is because the source says, “she wanted to wait until she received a proper proposal from Blake.” Luckily, it seems that she got just that.

Sadly, for fans of the couple, there still isn’t any word on when the big day will be. However, Gwen often speaks about her vision for the ceremony. While Gwen speaks about a big traditional wedding, a source close to the couple says they’re going to “wait and see how the pandemic pans out. And in the meantime, enjoy their engagement.”

With all the speculation surrounding this couple, it is hard to tell if they will actually wait the pandemic out or if they’ll secretly elope. Especially since Gwen Stefani already refers to Blake Shelton as her husband. Seemingly keeping fans on the edge of their seats, only time will tell. Stay tuned to TV Shows Ace for more The Voice and other reality television news.


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