Does The ‘MBFFL’ Season 7 Trailer Open Old Wounds For Whitney Way Thore?

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Season 7 of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life fill in the blanks about drama Whitney Way Thore fans already know about. Mainly, the infidelity of her ex-fiance, Chase Severino.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 7 spoilers

Shockingly, not only did Chase Severino cheat on Whitney Way Thore… The other woman got pregnant. People alludes that Whitney may have already had her suspicions about Chase. Furthermore, Whitney’s concerns stem from the fact that she and Chase didn’t live together, despite being engaged. At the peak of the drama, Whitney Way Thore lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, while Chase seemingly has a very active life in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Ultimately, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic didn’t help matters. Whitney acknowledges the strain the pandemic put on her relationship. She says, “If Chase was living here right now, we’d be quarantined together.” Unfortunately, hindsight is 20/20.

Remarkably, Chase Severino ultimately takes responsibility for his actions. Sadly, the Season 7 trailer for My Big Fat Fabulous Life shows how devastated Whitney is after Chase calls and tells her about his infidelity. Chase also tells his friend, Ryan Andreas. Seemingly, this conversation doesn’t go as planned. Chase says, “No one planned for this to happen. I was hoping you’d be the one person that would be team Chase.” That being said, it is hard to sympathize with someone that not only cheats on his fiancé but gets another woman pregnant.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the end of the drama. Devastatingly, Whitney Way Thore is the last to know Chase became a father as a result of his infidelity. “I’m over here with people who know that my ex-fiancé has had his baby, and I don’t know. How stupid does that make you feel,” asks Whitney while holding back tears.

Whitney Way Thore takes the high road.

Admirably, Whitney decides to meet with Chase face-to-face. Wrapping up the trailer for My Big Fat Fabulous Life, she says, “The sooner that I close this chapter and can pick up the pieces, the sooner I can move on.”

In an exclusive interview with People, Whitney Way Thore explains her decision to publicly share the news of her break-up. For starters, she wanted to “stop the ‘rumors.'”  Additionally, she tells People, “It wasn’t something I’d been sitting with for months and months, but once I saw rumors about our relationship – after I finally deleted or photos on Instagram, for example – I knew I just wanted to get it over with and announce it so I could fully start to move on.”

With great maturity, Whitney acknowledges that the break-up and the action leading to it affect many people. She even says, “a baby isn’ something that can remain private in the future.” Also, she reiterates how she doesn’t want the circumstances to look a certain way. Specifically, she says, “I definitely didn’t want it to look like I wasn’t aware of the full situation, but at the same time, I truly just don’t want the drama and the gossip.”

Fans of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life don’t have much longer to wait. Season 7 premieres November 10th. Stay tuned to TV Shows Ace for more Whitney Way Thore and other reality television news.

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