Twitter Names The Worst Chris In Hollywood – Do You Agree?

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If you were on Twitter this weekend, you may have seen Chris Pratt as a trending topic. And it wasn’t for his movie roles! A popular social media game is to list 4 choices and ask followers to name the best and worst of those choices. Most of the time, the opinions are varied. But Twitter users came together to choose the worst Chris in Hollywood.

Twitter User Asks Followers to Name Worst Chris

Screenwriter Amy Berg gave fans a challenge this weekend: Between Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth, “one has to go.”

All four are big names in Hollywood. In addition to blockbuster movies, Chris Pratt was on the TV show Parks and Recreation. But it seems that he is also the least popular among the four.

The choice was clear for many fans – Chris Pratt is the worst Chris in Hollywood.

Why Do Fans Hate Chris Pratt?

Even though Chris Pratt stars in popular movies, including Guardian of the Galaxy, his personal life isn’t so popular. He was once married to Scary Movie star Anna Faris. The couple split in 2017. Many fans were devastated by the split, previously citing Anna Faris and Chris Pratt as “couple goals.”

It didn’t endear him to fans when he immediately jumped into a relationship with Katherine Schwarzenegger in 2018. They are now married with a baby born earlier this summer! Some fans did not like how quickly he moved on and blame him for the split with Anna Faris.

Additionally, the actor is a Republican and supports Donald Trump. For many fans, that is an immediate reason to dislike him.

Some Twitter users cited Chris Pratt’s support of an anti-LGBTQ church. The NY Post notes that he denies supporting said church. However, fans aren’t convinced.

One fan joked that they can’t choose between the four ‘Vanilla’ options.

While Twitter users declared Chris Pratt the worst Chris, they didn’t necessarily cancel him. Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute spoke out earlier this summer against cancel culture. She was fired from the Bravo show for her previous racially insensitive behavior.

Fans may disagree with Chris Pratt’s political and religious beliefs, but will it stop them from seeing the upcoming Jurassic Park or Guardian of the Galaxy sequels? Probably not!

Do you agree with Twitter’s choice for the worst Chris? Scroll down and let us know which Chris you would choose in the “one of them has to go” challenge.

Parks and Recreation is available to stream on Hulu if you’re looking for a show binge.

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