Jill Duggar Shares ‘Cutest’ Moment With Son Samuel

Jill Duggar Instagram

On social media Friday, Jill Duggar Dillard shared a new picture of herself and her three-year-old son, Samuel. She and Derick Dillard also share five-year-old Israel. The former Counting On couple often shares new family photos on social media. Jill gets a lot of love on Instagram, especially since she and Derick have started doing things differently than Jill’s family.

In Jill’s new post, she reveals that Samuel likes to help her by putting her earrings in for her. The picture in her post shows Samuel concentrating on putting his mom’s earrings in. He seems very focused. She writes, “Every day he asks to pick them out and put them in. ☺️ I love his focused face…seriously the cutest!” Then, Jill also reminds her followers to enjoy the little moments with their kids and that their kids grow up fast.

Naturally, Duggar fans are loving Jill’s post. They think that it’s sweet that Samuel helps his mom with this, and they think he’s a great helper already. One fan shares a heartwarming story, writing, “My brother used to be the only one who I’d let out my earrings in when I was young. On my wedding day he came in and did it for me too. Super special moment.”

Others are simply sharing their own special moments with their kids and siblings. They like to see Samuel and Jill bonding in the new post.


Jill Duggar has quality time with son Samuel

In 2020, Jill and Derick decided they would send their son Israel to public school for kindergarten. Because of this, Samuel and Jill get to spend a lot of quality time together. Thanks to social media, fans often get updates from Jill. She shares plenty of pictures of herself and her son Samuel and as they enjoy this one-on-one time.

Jill also documented a special moment between Samuel and Derick. In the photo she shared, Derick is reading a fall book to Samuel. Jill reveals some of the family’s fall traditions in the post as well. This sparked a conversation about the family’s thoughts on Halloween, but Jill didn’t respond. In 2019, Jill and Derick dressed up to get free food from participating restaurants on Halloween. The Duggar family isn’t big on Halloween, but Jill and Derick seem to be making their own decisions.

So, what do you think of the sweet moment that Jill and Samuel share? Leave a comment below.

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