‘Alaska The Last Frontier’: Jane, Atz Lee Share Kid’s Photos, Will They Be In Season 10?

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Alaska The Last Frontier Season 10 is back on Discovery, Sunday, October 25. Despite Covid-19, Atz Lee, Jane, and all of the Kilchers will be back. Could there be even more Kilchers in the upcoming season? It seems that Jane and Atz Lee have been showing a lot more of their kids in social media.

This is what we know.

Alaska The Last Frontier Season 10 Starting Soon!

Despite the coronavirus quarantine, camera crews got to the Kilcher homestead for Alaska The Last Frontier Season 10. That means that fans get to see Atz Lee and Jane as they navigate the world during this uncertain era. This year, we may see a bit more.

What is really different this season is that Atz Lee’s son, Etienne will be helping him out as he builds and off-grid cabin. Over the recent years, Etienne has appeared a bit on the show. The most significant time was when he helped his dad build that other cabin, as Atz Lee tried to rehab his body after his serious fall.

This time around, Etienne may be doing more than construction. Atz Lee experiences PTSD from that traumatic fall. Can his 19-year-old help him through it?

Jane Shares Photos Of Piper

They have not yet showed whether or not Jane’s daughter PiperĀ Isolde Kassouni will be on the Discovery show this season. But, she has been appearing on social media more frequently of late.

Recently, Jane shared photos of Piper’s high school photos on Instagram. Piper looks remarkably like her photogenic mama! So, why don’t fans see her on Alaska The Last Frontier?


Why Jane, Atz Lee’s Kids Were Not On Discovery Show

The main reason that Alaska The Last Frontier fans don’t see Jane and Atz Lee’s kids is the they don’t want to be on the show. For years, we have seen Jane Kilcher as a wife, mother and fisherperson. But, we never see her as a mother or daughter.

Yet, off-camera, those are two important roles in her life. But, the reason we don’t see Piper or her mom, Sarah Ferman, is because they don’t want to be in front of the cameras. Thanks to the magic of camerawork, both are right alongside Jane, through her adventures of living in Alaska. They are both a big part of her life, but they don’t want to be in front of the cameras.

Throughout the years, Jane has shared that the kids don’t want the scrutiny that the rest of them face on social media. That is a lot of pressure and it the online bullying is certainly difficult on a teen’s self esteem.

For example, last December, Jane lambasted those who fat-shamed her online. She wrote, “I am a size 8 and I get called fat, I hate PDA and I get called cold and that I do not love my husband. I love my husband so much we are the same person almost.”

She vehemently denied all of these accusations and asked trolls to #stopthehate.

But, now that Piper is on social media more, could this mean that she will appear on the show? She is a high school senior and may be more prepared for trolls. But, if she will be on the show, that remains to be seen.

Don’t forget, Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 10 premieres on Sunday, October 25, on Discovery.


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