Joy Duggar & Austin Forsyth Go To Church Without Masks

Joy Duggar, Counting On

On Sunday, Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth shared a new family photo, featuring their family of four. Since baby Evelyn Mae joined their family, fans haven’t seen a lot of pictures of their whole family. Of course, they have seen plenty of photos of the kids. Joy documented the sweet moment where two-year-old Gideon met his baby sister too.

The newest pictures on Joy’s Instagram page are of the couple with their two young kids. The first photo in the set is of all four of them. In the second photo, Joy holds Evelyn while Gideon stands beside her. Joy said that they were going to church. In response, fans are commenting and pointing out how good Joy looks. They think the kids are adorable too.

It seems that it’s impossible for anyone in the public eye to avoid criticism at times. This time, Joy took the heat over the new photos.

A few fans pointed out that it doesn’t look like she is holding the baby securely. Some also think that Gideon should be wearing a jacket, becuase Austin is. Another fan pointed out that Joy seems to be doing all the work of holding the baby and the diaper bag. Unfortunately, these negative comments aren’t uncommon for the Duggar family.

Duggar fans wonder where Joy and Austin’s masks are

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people have gotten used to wearing face masks in public. In many places, masks are required indoors.

So, fans assume that the couple would be required to wear masks at church. But, in the photos, fans don’t see any masks. It is possible that Joy and Austin weren’t wearing their masks for the photos becuase they are outdoors. One fan points out that they could have taken the masks off for the photos. Still, fans are worried. This is especially due to Evelyn being so young.

One fan asks, “Why no masks?” Another says, “I hope it’s a small group and you all are wearing masks.

Often, fans point out that celebrities should use their platforms for good. Since Joy has one million followers, wearing a mask could positively influence her followers to do the same. But fans haven’t seen the Duggar family wearing masks often or practicing social distancing. They have still had large family gatherings in person, despite the pandemic.

So, what do you think of the new family photos? Do you think fans should be worried about Joy and Austin wearing masks? Share your thoughts below.

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