So Why Do The Duggar Children Marry So Young?

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Have you ever noticed all the Duggar kids get married fairly young? There’s a reason for that. Of course, the Duggars are extremely religious, so marriage and children come along with the faith. But there’s more to it than that.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are a lot of chores in a house with so many children. Back in 2016, Jinger Duggar Vuolo revealed there are a few perks to being in a courtship.

The Duggar Kids Are Motivated To Marry Early

“In our house, I think it’s kind of known fact that when somebody’s in a relationship, it’s hard for them to stay focused,” Jinger explained to fans. She went on to say that Michelle generally gives children who are courting only a few chores. While Jinger and Jeremy courted, the family only expected her to keep up with laundry.

Fewer chores are nice and would definitely appeal to teenagers. However, there are definitely other reasons the Duggar kids start their own families when they’re barely out of high school.

Since the Duggars are so strictly religious, excessive dating is definitely discouraged. So is premarital sex, and any form of physical affection for that matter. Fans know that even hugging is forbidden before marriage. Side hugs are okay, but that’s about it. The Duggar teens experience raging hormones just like any other kids their age — marriage probably seems like a really attractive option in that regard.

But Not All The Kids Marry Early

Jana Duggar is 30 and it’s pretty shocking to fans that she’s still single. Rumors and theories have been circulating for years. Recently, fans wonder if she had a failed courtship. According to the theory, the oldest Duggar sister was beginning a courtship right around the time the Josh Duggar scandal broke. As a result, the other family didn’t want to get involved and ended the courtship. No one knows if that has any truth to it, but it’s an interesting theory to explore.

Meanwhile, fans expect more wedding bells soon. 17-year-old Justin Duggar is now courting Claire Spivey.

“Words will never express the depth of my love and admiration for this amazing man!” Claire wrote about Justin in an Instagram post. She went on to say that she would love him forever. They may be young, but things definitely sound serious.

So when do you think we can expect Justin to propose? Or do you think he’s a little young and should wait longer? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. We’re always eager to hear what you have to think.

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