Hannah Brown Sparks Pregnancy Rumors On Instagram

Hannah Brown from Instagram

Hannah Brown posted on Instagram, and fans went wild. Fans are suspecting that she is pregnant, others say there is no way that could be true.

Is Hannah Brown expecting?

In a recent Instagram post, Hannah is wearing a flowing white dress and holding a glass of wine. Although it’s hard to see, the glass of wine is definitely there. Hannah looks sweet as she smiles for the camera. However, in the comments, fans went wild.

“Omg I thought you were going to say your having a baby!!!! 😩,” one person wrote.

Others stood up for her and insisted there’s no way it could be true, and if it is true, they say people shouldn’t be bringing it up right now.

“If you saw her IGTV video from this week, there is no baby bump. It is a loose dress and she has wine. Get the optical illusion but not nice to comment about a woman’s baby bump when they haven’t announced they are pregnant,” they say.

So what was the post actually about? Seems she was just on a little vacation. She’s been posting a lot about the trip she is on. Even once about being in front of a windmill. The windmill is a popular joke for Hannah Brown and Peter Weber. Apparently, the two got intimate in the windmill and they haven’t been able to live it down ever since.

“Much needed getaway. 💛,” Hannah writes on the post that has so many fans questioning the status of Hannah when it comes to pregnancy.

Hannah has not commented on what others are saying about the pregnancy. However, she does have a glass of wine in her hand. While it has been said that people can have a glass of wine while pregnant, it seems it would be an odd way to announce a pregnancy. Perhaps some just don’t notice the class of wine.


Others are supportive

Others say that all the notice in the photos is her beauty.

“H*ll, all I saw was that gorgeous face. You’re stunning and I’m so glad you’re doing ‘me time’. Treat yoself girl. 🍷,” one supportive fan says.

“I didn’t know the lord allowed angels to visit earth! 😭❤️,” another adds.

Do you think Hannah Brown is pregnant? Let us know what you think in the comments. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on your favorite Bachelor Nation stars.

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