Why Is ‘Deadliest Catch’s’ Cornelia Marie Docked In Warm Hawaiian Waters?

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Famed Deadliest Catch crab fishing boat the F/V Cornelia Marie is currently docked in Kailua Bay, Hawaii. What is Captain Phil’s legendary fishing boat doing so far from the cold waters of the Bering Sea. That news should make all Deadliest Catch fans pretty happy.

Deadliest Catch Boat Cornelia Marie In Hawaii

The F/V Cornelia Marie has been spotted in Western Hawaii this past week. What is the infamous Deadliest Catch crab boat doing so far from the Bering Sea? According to West Hawaii Today, they are currently finishing up production of the Deadliest Catch spinoff show, Bloodline. They are filming through September 19. This would be Season 2.

Bloodline premiered as a Deadliest Catch spinoff earlier in the year. After Captain Josh Harris and Captain Casey Harris were remodeling the F/V Cornelia Marie. They discovered some maps in the captain’s room. The charts were of specific fishing spots in Hawaii. They were Captain Phil’s, and they included his notes.

Was this for more crab fishing? No. Captain Phil was interested in catching the very lucrative tuna, Pacific blue marlin and mahi mahi.

The first season showed Josh and Casey, along with their local guide, Jeff Silva, following Captain Phil’s maps. The two captains enjoyed this new type of fishing and seriously considered making this a new business.

What is new in Bloodline Season 2  is the F/V Cornelia Marie. This is why the famed boat harbored in Hawaii is such big news. Josh Harris has said that this experience has brought him even closer to his father. Many people in Hawaii have met Captain Phil and shared stories with Josh. This has been quite a revelation for him.

But, why will the famed crab boat be a part of the new season? This likely has another Captain Phil connection. But, we will have to wait until the spring 2021 to watch.

Josh Harris Back In Hawaii Filming Deadliest Catch: Bloodline

Last month, Josh Harris posted on Instagram that he was in Hawaii quarantining. He was holed up in his Hawaiian hotel room for 14 days, following the require Covid-19 quarantine protocol. But, the Deadliest Catch star didn’t seem to mind. He had a million-dollar view right outside his window.

Why isn’t he quarantining with Captain Casey McManus? Although Josh’s F/V Cornelia Marie co-captain is also based out of Washington state, he chose to go to Hawaii during the coronavirus epidemic. His folks are there, and he had sent his family there. He figured that this would be the best place to quarantine during a worldwide pandemic. So, immediately when Captain Casey arrived to Hawaii, he quarantined away from his family.


Will There Be Deadliest Catch Season 17?

Will Deadliest Catch fans get another season of their favorite crab fishing show? Discovery has not made any sort of announcements. Yet, the social media chatter states that there will be a Deadliest Catch Season 17. The boats are preparing to start their season, and there will be camera people going along to document the ride.

In addition, Discovery has not yet announced that Deadliest Catch: Bloodline Season 2 is a go. But, they are nearly done filming. So, fans should be pretty happy

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  1. I had loved watching Josh’s dad “Deadliest Catch” all those years ago. It was always great when stories of the whole family were added to the different episodes. Yes even down here in good old New Zealand.

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