Alison Sweeney Filming Hallmark Christmas Movie, Update On ‘Chronicle Mysteries’

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Alison Sweeney has suddenly found herself with a very busy schedule. She is returning to Days, and has a couple of Hallmark projects as well, including a Chronicle Mysteries update.  Let’s get caught up with all of the Murder She Baked star’s 2020 projects.

Alison Sweeney Shares Hallmark Christmas Movie Quarantine Photo

Days of Our Lives fans are excited about Alison Sweeney reprising her role of Sami Brady. But, before Alison Sweeney returns to Days, she is filming a new Hallmark Christmas movie. She went to Instagram to share the beautiful garden she is enjoying as she quarantines before filming a Hallmark Christmas movie.

She wrote, “Loving my temporary Quarantine Home! The owners were so generous as to share their beautiful garden with me and I am making the most of it!” captioned her photo. “But very excited to get going on my @hallmarkchannel Christmas movie!! Funny to be working on a Christmas script in the warm summer sun.”

By the looks of that garden, the Hallmark set team will be working overtime with the fake snow.

The popular Hallmark star did not reveal what movie she is working on, but we know that Mark Blucas is her costar. In addition, in the comments field, she shared that this is not the only Hallmark project she is working on.

Alison Sweeney ‘Working On’ New Chronicle Mysteries 

Alison Sweeney is not only filming a new Hallmark movie, she is also filming more Chronicles Mysteries! In the comments section of the Vancouver Instagram quarantine photo, one fan commented on how much she loved Alison’s Chronicle Mysteries. This is a Hallmark original mystery series.

Next, Alison Sweeney shared some very new information. “@magsed216 thank you! We are working on a new @chroniclemysteries right now!!

A day later, another fan wrote, “I just found the Chronicle Mysteries. I am about to watch #4. Is that all? 😢 I will need more.”

Alison had an answer, and Chronicle Mysteries fans will be thrilled.

“More soon.”

Sounds like they are filming soon! Benjamin Ayres, Alison’s Chronicle Mysteries co-star just completed filming A Cranberry Christmas with Nikki DeLoach. So, it is possible that Benjamin and Alison will soon reprise their roles as Drew and Alex as they uncover the details of a new case.

Although there have not been any explanations, Hallmark actors are likely working on several movies in a row. It makes more sense, as they need to quarantine for 14 days. Flying back and forth would not be very economically prudent with their time.

For example, Candace Cameron Bure flew to Vancouver to film both a Christmas movie and another Aurora Teagarden Mystery. It is more efficient, especially as most Hallmark movies are around two weeks to film.

Most importantly, Hallmark needs an influx of new movies. They shut down production in mid-March and started gearing up again in July. But somehow, they have managed to entertain fans with newer romances, Christmas movie weekends and endearing oldies.

Sami Coming Back To Days

At the end of this year and for most of 2021, Alison Sweeney will have a very full schedule.  According to Deadline, she is reprising her role as Samantha “Sami” Brady and fans will see a lot more of her in Days of Our Lives in 2021.

Are you ready to see a lot of Alison Sweeney?

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