Does Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo’s Daughter Felicity Wear Yeezys?

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On Wednesday, Jinger Duggar shared a new photo of her husband Jeremy Vuolo with her daughter Felicity. The two are standing outside on the sidewalk, and Jeremy’s holding his daughter’s hand. Jinger writes in the caption of her photo that they are her “favorites.” Right away, Jeremy and Felicity got a lot of love from Counting On fans.

They are talking about how sweet Jeremy and Felicity are together. And, some fans think that Felicity is getting tall. Because Jeremy Vuolo is tall, they think Felicity will be too.

Felicity Vuolo’s outfit

While fans love the dad and daughter duo, some of them are loving Felicity’s outfit even more. The two-year-old is wearing a black and white gingham outfit, a red bow, and a pair of expensive sneakers.

In the comments, fans started asking if Felicity is wearing Adidas Yeezys. Kanye West designed Yeezys, and the Vuolos are big fans of him. So, it only makes sense that Felicity would wear them.

One fan asked, “Are those yeezys she’s got on???? 🙄” Other similar comments followed. Yeezys typically cost $100 or more, even in infant and toddler sizes. The family’s motto is “buy used and save the difference.” Jinger’s family typically shops at thrift stores.

So, that’s part of the reason Duggar fans are questioning the shoe choice.

But, it does look like Felicity is wearing Yeezys. It seems like Jeremy Vuolo’s living a more luxurious life, which includes buying expensive shoes for his toddler.

Some fans seem to love the fact that Felicity wears stylish shoes. One writes, “I need Felicity’s shoe closet. Baby girl always has a fresh pair of sneaks on.” Another defended the Vuolos after they received backlash. The Counting On fan wrote, “don’t be hating because you can afford them! Baby girl is walking on clouds with those Yeezys! 😍

Yet another fan adds, “Does Little Miss have YEEZY’s on? Dang go Ahead girl!! Lil Fashionista!!

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo often dress Felicity fashionably

This isn’t the first time that Felicity has been spotted wearing stylish shoes. Since Jinger and Jeremy moved to Los Angeles, California, the toddler has been wearing name brand clothing and shoes. In the couple’s Instagram posts, she can be seen wearing Vans, Air Jordans, and more.

Sometimes, Felicity is even matching with her dad, which fans think is adorable.

So, what do you think of Felicity’s shoes? Do you think she should wear expensive shoes as a toddler? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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