Kobe Bryant Memorabilia Found In Abandoned Storage Locker: What Did ‘Storage Wars’ Stars Snag?

Rene, Casey Nezhoda, Storage Wars-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWsP_2NSkR8

Imagine bidding on and getting an abandoned storage locker filled with Kobe Bryant memorabilia? Well, Storage Wars pros Rene, Casey Nezhoda scored a $13,000 Kobe Bryant storage locker stash!

How did they come by this treasure trove?

Kobe Bryant Storage Locker Score!

Over the years, Storage Wars stars Rene and Casey Nezhoda have scored some huge celebrity storage lockers. Two big examples was a Farrah Fawcett locker, and another is Lamar Oden’s locker. In the latter, there were even items he shared with his then-wife, Khloe Kardashian.

But their recent Kobe Bryant acquisition is outstanding. it may be their most profitable ever. How did this happen?

Rene and Casey shared their story on their Bargainhuntersthrift YouTube video. Storage Wars fans subscribe to their personal YouTube channel to watch what sorts of fabulous finds these modern day treasure hunters uncover.

The couple reveals that an unnamed person had gone to an L.A. storage locker auction. These auctions are identical to what people see on Storage Wars. When people abandon or don’t pay their storage locker fees for several months, then the contents of the locker are auctioned off. Before the auctioneer starts the bidding, the buyers get a small glimpse into the locker.

Storage Wars Stars Contacted About Kobe Bryant Storage Locker

On this particular day, a storage locker was sold for a mere $375. We don’t know what the buyer previewed, but clearly, everyone around them did not know that inside this abandoned locker was a treasure trove of Mamba’s personal items.

After that person won, then examined the contents, they contacted Rene and Casey about the locker. After they checked out the memorabilia, the Nezhodas purchased all of  the items from the abandoned storage locker.

What did they purchase that made the two shell out that much money?

What Mamba Memorabilia Did Storage Wars Stars Snag?

In the video, Rene and Casey showed the boatload of Kobe Bryant memorabilia that they snagged. This includes 35 pairs of shoes. Some of the shoes are one-of-a-kind and can sell for thousands per pair. In addition, there was a lot of L.A. Lakers practice gear and a Laker’s all-access badge that says “Mamba.” Kobe Bryant surely wore that when he played with the Lakers.

In addition to the Lakers collectables, there is tax paperwork. But one of the most unique items in the locker is a  mink coat that Kobe Bryant once wore. Rene and Casey revealed that there are even photos available of Kobe Bryant wearing the mink coat. This is provenance. The more information you have on the authenticity of an item, the more valuable it becomes.

These items can all be sold for far more than the $13,000 that they shelled out. Just a few of Mamba’s athletic shoes will cover their investment. The items are all so unique. Some, more sentimental.

Rene And Casey Nezhoda Want To Return Items To Kobe Bryant’s Widow

The last items that Rene and Casey showed from the Kobe Bryant locker were athletic shirts that were for Kobe’s daughters. One even has Gianna’s name. This is a sentimental item. The couple was very serious as they delicately held up these items. They know that Gianna’s grieving mother will want this back. They want to reach out to Vanessa Bryant and get these items to her.

The Storage Wars stars do not want to sell these items. They realize that these items are very sentimental to the family. They want to give them to Kobe Bryant’s widow. Rene suggested that they will even message Vanessa via Instagram. Perhaps they will contact the Lakers to reach out to her?

Meanwhile, Kobe Bryant fans will want to look out for these valuable Mamba collectables to be sold in the near future. And, Storage Wars fans have yet another great storage locker story to talk about.

You just never know what you will find in an abandoned storage locker!

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