Carlin Bates And Evan Stewart Reveal COVID Diagnosis

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Bringing Up Bates stars Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart haven’t been active on social media lately. Prior to Sunday, Carlin’s latest post came over a week ago. She typically posts many photos of herself and her husband, as well as pictures of their daughter Layla. So, naturally, fans became concerned. But, fortunately, she hopped on social media to give fans an update. The news she shared isn’t so positive though.

Carlin Bates reveals she and Evan Stewart have COVID

Carlin shares a photo of herself and Evan in bed. Then, she writes a lengthy caption about what’s going on.

First, Carlin thanks her followers for checking in with them since she hasn’t posted in a while. She writes, “I have gotten some messages from some of you checking on us, because I have been a little MIA with our insta fam. Thank you for thinking of us.”

Then, she reveals that they’ve been diagnosed with the coronavirus. She says, “Evan and I both came down with COVID, so we have been a little out of it. We are on the tail end of recovery and are both doing better.

Carlin Bates sympathizes with her followers who are also dealing with COVID themselves. She says, “We feel for you that are struggling with COVID right now and we are keeping you in our prayers. Y’all please stay safe out there! Xoxo.”

Most of the responses from fans are wishing the couple a speedy recovery. Fans are keeping the couple in their prayers. Some are also sharing about their own experiences with COVID.

Of course, there are plenty of negative comments. Carlin was previously under fire for wearing her mask incorrectly while taking Layla to the doctor. Plus, Carlin and Evan have been spending time with friends and family amid the pandemic. So, some fans wonder if the family was taking the coronavirus seriously.

Bringing Up Bates fans wonder about Layla

In Carlin’s post, she doesn’t say anything about Layla and how she’s doing. The picture only features Carlin and Evan. So, naturally, fans are asking about Layla too.

So far, Carlin isn’t responding to any of these comments. Perhaps she’s not using social media while she recovers, or she might not have an update to share about Layla. She also gets a lot of comments on her posts anyway, so it’s hard to keep up with them all.

Nonetheless, fans do seem concerned about Carlin Bates, Evan Stewart, and Layla. They hope for a more positive update soon.

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