Happy Birthday, Kendra Duggar! How Old Is She?

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On Tuesday, July 11, Counting On star Kendra Duggar celebrated her birthday. How old is she, and how did she celebrate her big day? Here’s everything you should know about one of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s daughters-in-law.

Who is Kendra Duggar?

Kendra is married to Joe Duggar, 25. The couple tied the knot on September 8, 2017, less than a month after Kendra turned 19. Now, the couple is raising their own happy family. They have two young kids, Garrett, 2, and Addison, 9 months.

Kendra’s and Joe’s families have known each other for a long time. So, it’s not a big surprise that two of the kids ended up together. There are now rumors that there’s another possible Duggar-Caldwell courtship in the works.

How did Kendra Duggar celebrate her birthday?

Kendra is now 22 years old. From her social media posts, it looks like she celebrated in a couple of ways. She and her family went boating. On her actual birthday, she and her family went out for dinner. Kendra shared a few photos of herself and Joe all dressed up to go out to dinner. She thanked her followers for all of the sweet birthday wishes. Then, she said, “I had a wonderful birthday celebrating with the best.” She adds that she loves spending time with Joe.


Family members wish Kendra a happy birthday

On social media, both Kendra’s family, the Caldwells, and the Duggar family wished her a happy birthday. On each of their respective Instagram accounts, they dedicated posts to her.

The Caldwell family shared a couple of pictures of Kendra with her mom, Christine, and her sister, Lauren. They sweetly write, “You bring us so much joy!”

It looks like the pictures are similar to the ones Kendra shared on her Instagram page. So, it’s safe to say that Joe and Kendra didn’t go on a birthday date, but they went out with her family.


Also, on the Duggar family’s Instagram page, they shared a photo of Kendra with her daughter. They write, “We love being around you—your outgoing, cheerful, energy-giving personality is as lovely as you are! Seeing you and Joseph together as a perfect match, thriving as parents, growing in your love for the Lord and each other—it is so precious!!”


Of course, in response to the birthday posts, plenty of Counting On fans sent her their best wishes.

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