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Carlin Bates Shares Layla’s Next Exciting Milestone

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Since Bringing Up Bates star Carlin Bates became a mother, she’s been sharing all kinds of updates about her daughter. Carlin and her husband Evan Stewart share six-month-old Layla Rae. Now, Carlin’s sharing another update about Layla’s latest milestone.

In a new YouTube video, Evan talks about how it’s Layla’s six month birthday. So, he heads to Walmart to buy flowers for Carlin and Layla. He also picks out a stuffed animal for Layla. Later, he surprises Carlin with the flowers, and she’s surprised that he remembered that Layla’s now six months old.

Carlin Bates documents Layla’s first time trying ‘real food’

Later in the video, Carlin and Evan are feeding Layla baby food for the first time. She’s trying avocado in the video. Carlin’s feeding her while Evan records with the camera.

Carlin says that Layla doesn’t totally understand how to eat yet. She sometimes tries the food and then spits it out. So far, Layla has tried avocado and several types of fruit. The first time that she tried the fruit, she had a funny reaction. Carlin and Evan insert the clip from that moment.

In the video, Carlin also talks about how Layla has started army crawling. She says, “I’ll leave the room now and she’ll be like way off her mat.”

Layla also tries teething crackers, and she loves them. Carlin explains that she’s teething pretty badly right now. So, she hasn’t been sleeping very well at night. Carlin also asks for advice because she’s tried a few things to help Layla feel more comfortable while she’s been teething.

Evan’s nieces happen to be visiting, so they sing to Layla to help her fall asleep. Evan records it so their fans can see. And, Layla ends up falling asleep quickly.

Carlin and Evan’s YouTube channel

This isn’t the first time the couple has shared a YouTube video. They originally started their YouTube channel back in January. Since then, they have uploaded a handful of videos and have 74,000 subscribers.

On their YouTube channel, much of their content revolves around their daughter. They document the exciting moments they’ve had with her. Carlin has also shared hair and makeup tutorials on their YouTube channel. The couple also shared a Q&A session on YouTube to answer their fans’ questions. They share about one new video each week.

So, what do you think of Carlin Bates’ and Evan Stewart’s YouTube channel? Share your thoughts below.

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