‘LPBW’ Alum Audrey Roloff Pranks Jeremy In New Video

LPBW alums Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff

There’s a new social media prank going around. And, Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff even joined in the fun. She played a little prank on her husband, Jeremy Roloff. LPBW fans are loving the video.

What new prank did Audrey Roloff try out on Jeremy?

On social media, users are trying the “influencer challenge.” Influencers often share details about their lives and what their day looks like. They sometimes show off the different products they use, what they eat, what they’re wearing, and so much more. So, a new challenge has started that is based on what influencers typically record and share on social media.

The influencer challenge includes someone coming up with a fake example of their day. They might detail things that they don’t actually do, such as working out for three hours straight, waking up at 3AM, or keeping up with certain chores. Whoever’s doing the challenge pretends to film themselves talking about the things that they don’t actually do. In reality, the camera is pointed at someone else in the room, such as a boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, or wife.

The goal is to get their spouse or significant other to react to the lies. Some of the partners’ reactions are pretty hilarious. Sometimes, whoever is recording the video gets called out over the lies.

LPBW alum shares video of prank

On her Instagram page, Audrey Roloff shared the video of herself pranking Jeremy. She starts lying, saying, “So a lot of you guys are asking how I keep our house so clean. I usually get up every day around five in the morning and clean the whole house.” Then, she continues, “I pick up everything on the floor, in the kitchen, I do the laundry. I like to do the laundry every day of the week because then I can just stay on top of it.”

Starting out, Jeremy doesn’t seem to notice what Audrey is talking about. He’s busy working at his computer. So, Audrey has to try a little harder. She continues lying, adding, I also like to get some work done in the morning so I usually get up at five and make coffee. I make coffee for the whole family.”

At this point, Jeremy is catching onto her lies and just gives her a look. She says that he’s “pissed” and that they laughed about it for five minutes afterward.


The LPBW alum also encourages her followers to give the challenge a shot. She writes, “If you haven’t done this to your husband yet here’s how you do it. Start filming your husband but act like your filming yourself and just tell a bunch of bold face lies until they notice. Helps if you take credit for things they do.”

So, what do you think of this challenge? Share your thoughts below.

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