How Did The Duggar Family Celebrate Jennifer’s 13th Birthday?

Jennifer Duggar on Duggar Fam Instagram

On Sunday, August 2, Jennifer Duggar celebrated her 13th birthday! The Counting On family documented her big day via social media.

On the family’s Instagram page, they shared several pictures of the little party they threw for Jennifer. It appears that the family celebrated her birthday at the park. In the first picture, Jennifer is sitting at a picnic table with a tub of ice cream in front of her. There are a beautiful purple balloon display and a “celebrate” sign above the table. Along with sharing that picture, Jim Bob and Michelle posted a few other pictures of the party.

From the pictures, it isn’t obvious who was or wasn’t at the party. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s possible the family opted for a smaller gathering. The outdoor event likely made it easier for the family to practice social-distancing.

In the caption, the Duggar parents gush over their newly teenaged daughter. They write, “Jennifer is dependable, loyal… and fun! She is a favorite with the nieces and nephews and is usually carrying one of them around because they don’t want her to put them down!”

Then, the parents add, “Jennifer also has a special love for animals and is very faithful to take care of her pets every day! She recently helped raise a litter of 7 little bunnies!

Fans wish Jennifer a happy birthday

In response to the Duggar family’s post about Jennifer’s birthday, plenty of Counting On fans sent birthday wishes Jennifer’s way. Many of them also pointed out that she looks a lot like her eldest sister, Jana. Jennifer definitely got lots of love from her family’s fans on her special day!

Which other Duggars have August birthdays?

Because Jim Bob and Michelle have 19 children, it seems like someone is always celebrating their birthday. In addition to their 19 children, some of their kids are now married and have families of their own.

Surprisingly, there are not a lot of Duggar birthdays in August. Jennifer is the first person to celebrate their birthday this month, but there are a few more coming up.

Up next, Kendra will turn 22 on August 11. She’s Joe’s wife. They have two kids, Garrett, 2, and Addison, 9 months.

Then, Josiah turns 24 on August 28. He’s married to Lauren, and they have a daughter Bella, 8 months.

Sometime in August, Joy and Austin Forsyth will welcome their baby girl to the world. The couple shares two-year-old Gideon. Joy still has about three weeks to go, but as long as she doesn’t go too late, her baby will be the fourth Duggar to be born in August.

So, what do you think of the birthday setup for Jennifer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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