‘Storage Wars’ Update: Where Is Barry Weiss Now?

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Storage Wars fans still love Barry Weiss. He is the professional slacker with a lot of charisma. Where is “The Collector” now and what has he been doing since leaving Storage Wars?

Where Is Barry Weiss Now Since He Left Storage Wars?

Fans want to know where has Barry Weiss been since he left Storage Wars a few years back? Although Weiss had his own show, Barry’d Treasure, that was only one season with eight episodes. Since then, he has been traveling a lot and enjoying life. That is, until he was in a serious motorcycle accident.

On April 24, Barry Weiss and his pal Jamie were out riding their cycles. All of a sudden, a large vehicle turned from the parking lot to the street right in front of them. The SUV did not check for cars or bikes on the road.

This is the worst for motorcyclists, as there is no where to go. The bikes could not brake fast enough and Barry smashed into the back of the vehicle. Both motorcyclists were injured. But Barry, who was 68 at the time, was seriously hurt. He broke his femur bone, seriously hurt his back and his chest.

He spent a lot of in ICU. Then, he needed a lot of time for recovery. But, he says, “I’m doing much better.” Back in February, there was a Storage Wars mini-reunion. Barry met up with Dan and Laura Dotson for a bite to eat.  He is just as charming as ever. Why did he ever leave the storage locker treasure hunting show?


Why Did Barry Weiss Leave Storage Wars In 2015?

In a  2017 interview, Weiss revealed he has no plans to return to Storage Wars. He wasn’t unhappy nor did he have any complaints. Barry Weiss just wanted to leave the A&E show while fans still liked him. He wanted to go on top.

But, there could be a way to get him back on television.

What Would Get Barry Weiss Back On TV?

What would entice the self-proclaimed slacker to return to television? How about antique cars? In that same interview that took place in Amsterdam, he said that he would like to film a show about antique cars. Car shows are cool and so is Barry Weiss. He likely has some interesting dealers that would make for good television.

Most of all, Barry Weiss knows something about classic cars. The fan favorite used his Storage Wars profits for some beautiful vehicles. He has a cornucopia of cars and he is quite proud of them.

Weiss seems to like Fords as he owns a 32 Ford Ranchero. He also owns a Ford Coe Truck. One of his prized possessions is a 1955 Beatnik Custom. This classic car is a Ford that was inspired by a Cadillac.

Speaking of Cadillacs, he has a gorgeous 1947 Cowboy Cadillac. That is not all. He owns a Maserati GranTurismo and a Jaguar XJ. But, one of Barry Weiss’ most unique cars is a Lincoln Zephyr Coupe with a flamethrower exhaust. It is like the Batmobile and pretty incredible.

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