‘The Grand Tour’ Shares News On Season 4 ‘Madagascar’ Episode

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Based on recent social media posts, The Grand Tour Season 4 Madagascar episode is ready. When will Amazon Prime premiere the long awaited episode? Most importantly, what do we know about this adventure on the African island?

The Grand Tour Madagascar Episode Is Ready

Yes, The Grand Tour Madagascar episode is ready. Yes, gearheads have waited a very long time for this episode. People miss Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May.

But, according to recent social media posts, no, we don’t know when Amazon is finally going to premiere this long-awaited episode. They posted: “Yes, the next Special will land later this year.” Then they continued, “Yes, it’s filmed in Madagascar and yes, there will be cars. Yes, we wanted to go to Russia. No, we couldn’t (we all know why). Yes, we will try again. No, we don’t know when. Yes, we will keep you updated. #TheGrandTour.”

Obviously, they are bombarded by fans. Viewers around the world have been waiting for a very long time. This is because the trio’s former show, Top Gear, used to be a weekly show. On that former BBC show, a season would average six to 10 episodes.

The Grand Tour Season 4 First Episode Was ‘Seamen’

Right now, The Grand Tour has only released one episode. That was entitled “Seamen.” In this episode, the three were in individual boats raced each other in Southeast Asia.

They took a route that began in Cambodia at the historic Siem Reap. They went downriver to Tonlé Sap lake. Then, the challenge. They went through the Mekong Delta, heading towards Vietnam. “Seamen” ended in Vung Tau, in south Vietnam.

The episode was epic! This was truly an adventure. So, although fans already got one great episode, they didn’t get any cars. It was all boats. This is why the recent announcement is so important. There will be cars in Madagascar! That must be worth waiting for.

What Took So Long For The Grand Tour Season 4 Episode 2?

What exactly took so look to get The Grand Tour Season 4 episode ready? They filmed it in late 2019. Turns out, producer Andy Wilman got Covid-19, not once, but it came back a second time. Add that there were around a thousand hours of film to sift through, the process was totally halted until the longtime producer and friend of the show recovered.

But, it sounds worth it. According to Drivetribe, Jeremy Clarkson revealed that this was “a hell of a story.” He shared that they really enjoyed the experience. We can safely guess that an episode that was fun to film should be just as fun to watch.

Now, we just have to wait for them to announce the name and the premiere date.


What about Russia? The social media post told fans that The Grand Tour would “try” to go to Russia again. They planned on doing a winter shoot in Northern Russia. This part of the country is around the Arctic Circle and bitter cold. In addition, winters are quite dark, which is not so ideal for shooting men driving cars 16 hours a day.

The original plan was to film in Northern Russia in March 2020. They are likely planning on repeating this plan but in 2021. This is assuming that it is safe to travel and borders open.

Lots of ifs and buts. Could be the title of another The Grand Tour episode.

The good news is that there will be The Grand Tour Season 5. Fans can currently watch the first three seasons of The Grand Tour, as well as the Season 4 episode, “Seamen.” They are available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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