‘Unsolved Mysteries’: Popular Netflix Revival Show Generates Clues For Unsolved Crimes

Unsolved Mysteries

Netflix’s latest revival show Unsolved Mysteries is gaining in popularity. The Chicago Sun Times reports that “tips [are] already coming in.”

Unsolved Mysteries revival garnishes credible crime-solving tips

Surprisingly, just one day after its release on Netflix, Unsolved Mysteries is already receiving tips. According to the producers, they have gotten “20 credible tips toward solving some of the cases.” While Netflix has only released six episodes, producers are confident that they will continue to regularly release new episodes. Likewise, producers have already announced six additional episodes available for streaming. So, these will be available later this year.

While delightful albeit cheesy, the latest rendition of the true-crime show forsakes the actor reenactments. Instead, views can expect to see more family interviews and documentary footage.  Not to fear, a lot of the sentimental elements fans enjoy from the show are still present. Of note, the scary musical theme. Unfortunately, the host and narrator of the original series, Robert Stack, died in 2003. Sadly, executive producer Terry Dunn Meurer recounts the decision about how to proceed with the hosting and narrator duties of the series. “Everybody talks about how they hear that music from the original episodes and it sends a chill up their spine,” he says. “And then we had to make a tough decision: Should we have a host? We decided it would be impossible to fill Bob’s shoes.”

How has Unsolved Mysteries changed its formatting?

The slight changes in format may be a contributing factor to the success of the show. Unlike its predecessor, the new Unsolved Mysteries only focuses on one case for the span of 38 to 51 commercial-free minutes. While the prior rendition would show three or for unresolved cases. Fans of the original, can rest assured that the cases covered still range from murder to the paranormal. Executive producer and co-creator, Meurer states, “We didn’t want to just produce the same show (from) 20 years ago. We wanted it to be fresh and feel contemporary.”

Notably, the day after release Unsolved Mysteries ranked No. 1 TV show on Netflix. Most remarkably, Meurer told USA TODAY, the day after the premiere, “we have received tips.” Rest assured that when the tips seem credible, “we pass them on to the appropriate authorities.” Remarkably, Meuer states that Unsolved Mysteries “has received three tips it passed on to the FBI related to the death of Alonzo Brooks.”

An update on the tragic disappearance and death of Alonzo Brooks

Three days ago, Elle reports that the FBI is now “investigating Alonzo Brooks’s case as a potential hate crime.” In April 2004, Brooks attended a party in La Cygne, Kansas. Sadly, a month later, a search party discovers his body in a creek. Brooks was just 23 years old at the time of his death. In addition to reopening the case, U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister and FBI Special Agent in Charge Timothy Langan announce that the FBI is offering a reward of $100,000  to anyone who knows about Brooks’s disappearance.

U.S. Attorney McAllister says, “We are investigating whether Alonzo was murdered.” He goes on to tell KSNT, “His death certainly was suspicious, and someone, likely multiple people, know(s) what happened that night in April 2004. It is past time for the truth to come out. The code of silence must be broken. Alonzo’s family deserves to know the truth, and it is time for justice to be served.”

A plea from Alonzo Brooks family

Heartbreakingly, Alonzo’s family recounts the tragedy. His mother, Maria Ramirez tells NBC’s Dateline, “I’m Mexican and his father is Black.” She goes on to explain that Alonzo was targeted because of the color of his skin. She says, “So he’s mixed. They didn’t just target one race. Or kill one race. They killed two. He was targeted because of the color of his skin.”

Gutwrenchingly, Alonzo’s father, Billy Brooks Sr. tells Dateline, “My God, it was awful. To find my boy like that. Nothing can describe that pain.” Sadly, Brooks Sr. describes the day going from overcast to the skies clearing when they found Alonzo. He says, “It was like my boy was telling me everything was OK now.” While it isn’t the circumstances any parent wants to find their missing child, Brooks Sr. says, “At least we had found him. It wasn’t how we wanted to find him, but at least we did.”

For this and other unsolved crime stories, stream Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix. Stay tuned to TV Shows Ace for more television news!

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